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Across the globe, asset owners are facing the ever-increasing challenge of balancing service levels, asset performance, risk and expenditure to sustain assets over their lifecycle.

Critical infrastructure is under pressure to support the needs of a rapidly changing society. In turn, public authorities are faced with the challenge of managing assets efficiently and cost effectively.

Safeguarding asset utilisation is becoming more relevant in customer facing organisations in sectors such as energy, transport, water, education and health where disruptions can impact service availability, safety and reputation.

An effective asset management program is also fundamental in sectors such as resources, oil and gas, and manufacturing, where lost production capability has an immediate impact on the financial bottom line. And for defence and national security, asset management and performance is critical to mission ready success.

Our difference

We know what asset drivers impact our clients’ bottom line. Our deep knowledge of asset management comes from our history of working with asset owners around the globe, backed by our extensive delivery in asset design. We partner with asset intensive organisations to help them achieve and maintain quartile one performance, which means delivering a more profitable, sustainable, and future-right operation.

Our experience, knowledge and data sets allow us to provide an independent and validated perspective to our clients’ organisations. Our cross-functional team enables us to work at all levels, appreciating that sustainable change does not just come from the top. Our commercial lens, combined with our engineering backbone, enables us to ensure our clients’ decisions are about a better business, not just a better asset. We operate across the entire asset lifecycle, enabling us to bridge technical outcomes with business requirements.

We are unlike our competitors. We know assets because we design them. We know what drives asset performance based on an independent validated global perspective and are able to join technical engineering with commercial outcomes. Together with our digital leadership and strength through diversity, we can establish an integrated lifecycle management program to inform investment decisions and optimise our clients’ assets, from sustaining capital programs through to asset management transformation initiatives.

Partnering with clients across a range of markets, our global integrated advisory offerings help shape your assets for competitive advantage.
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How we deliver

With significant industry experience in all lifecycle phases, Aurecon’s asset management and performance specialists understand the challenges faced by asset owners. This enables us to provide rapid, innovative solutions in the planning, design, preservation and use of assets to extract value and manage cost.

We work to understand your organisation and the challenges you face, to co-design the right solution. Our team of subject matter experts can assist with decision support across your assets’ lifecycles from strategy through to operations and performance transformation. Our knowledge of assets, operations, data and technology can also assist in ensuring you realise full value from your assets, locking in or accelerating performance improvements.

Our capability and service offerings

Asset management strategy

Creating an integrated asset management framework and strategy, which aligns to your organisation's objectives, is the foundation for optimising asset value and achieving the right balance of cost, productivity and risk. We help you with:

  • Asset management opportunity and maturity assessments
  • Asset management performance transformation
  • Strategic Asset Management Planning (SAMP) and Asset Management Planning (AMP)

To design your framework, contact Asset Management Strategy Lead Francois Joubert.

Quartile One capital performance

Capital investment decisions are critical to achieving quartile one performance and for the sustainability of asset intensive organisations. We help boards and executives know that they are making the right choice at the right time for the right reasons through services including:

  • M&A Target Valuation
  • Capital planning and management
  • Demand modelling and debottlenecking
  • Fleet and asset modelling
  • Asset management partnerships

To assess your capital investment opportunities, contact Capital Performance Lead Rob Beckman.

Operations performance & assurance

Operational performance is the basis for profitability and value creation for shareholders. Optimising people, processes and systems elements, along with embedded operational discipline are critical to achieving quartile one performance.

Our operations performance & assurance services include:

  • Operations readiness
  • Operations leadership and performance transformation
  • Shadow operator
  • Operations metrics
  • Asset management partnerships

To optimise your people, processes and systems, contact Operations Performance & Assurance Lead Vanessa Visman.

Asset reliability services

Aging infrastructure, scarcity of capital and strengthening regulatory requirements are forcing asset owners to implement improvements in asset reliability to lower operating costs and to extend existing asset life. We can help with:

  • Integrity and condition assessments
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Reliability modelling
  • Maintenance strategy and tactics
  • Root cause and failue analysis
  • Life extension / remediation
  • Asset management systems readiness and leverage

To lower operating costs and extend the life of your assets, contact Asset Reliability Services Lead Neil Naismith.

Process safety

Process safety underpins asset assurance which is the basis for providing boards and executives visibility of the material risks associated with their asset bases. By identifying and quantifying both threats and opportunities, we work with clients to identify and implement mitigations through services including:

  • Process Safety Management
  • Material Risk Impact Assessments
  • Technical Risk and Safety Assessments
  • Asset Assurance

To understand the risks and opportunities inherent in your asset base, contact Process Safety Lead Delene Kock.

Technology value realisation

Used well, technology accelerates the path to lifting business performance, and provides mechanisms to sustain these gains. We help asset intensive organisations to navigate the technology landscape, providing services to realise the full value from investments in technology and achieve quartile one performance. Our services include:

  • Technology strategy and execution roadmaps
  • Data-to-Decision chain
  • Asset simulation and performance optimisation

To navigate the technology landscape and lift business performance, contact Technology Value Realisation Lead Dion Lucke.


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