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Rail Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

Diverse? Check. Award winning? Check. Named LinkedIn's Top 25 Companies List? You bet we are.

Are you a rail engineer looking for exciting opportunities in Australia and New Zealand? Are you interested in Rail Systems Design, Signalling, Electrification, Design Management (Civil or Systems), Systems Engineering and Systems Assurance or Rolling Stock? Would you like to relocate to Australia or New Zealand? Aurecon can offer you the chance to do that.

Our rail team is searching for passionate rail professionals to join us in our exciting journey in rail. With loads of opportunity and an exciting future ahead, we’re recruiting rail engineers across a range of disciplines to work on some major community-shaping projects in cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington.

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Why Aurecon?

So, we know what you’re probably asking. Why choose Aurecon? You probably don’t know us very well yet, but we’re kind of a big deal down under. Here’s why:

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Meet Rowenna

Hailing from Croydon, South London, Rowenna talks about her busy life in Australia – the place she now calls home.

Rowenna Walker, Aurecon

Ultimately, I do what I do because I enjoy helping clients solve problems so they can plan, build and operate better transport networks for the future.

– Rowenna Walker



Meet Helen

From Rush, a seaside town in Ireland, Helen Browne, talks about her move to Australia, and what she loves most about working abroad.

Helen Browne

I have just finished working on the Newcastle Interchange Project. I'm thrilled to be a part of this exciting project – it's leaving behind these kinds of legacies that make our job so rewarding.

– Helen Browne



Meet Qaiser

Qaiser shares his engineering journey from the hot arid deserts of Pakistan and Dubai to the lush green mountains of New Zealand.

Qaiser Hayat, Aurecon

I come from a family of doctors, but I knew I always wanted to be an engineer. The world is full of wonder, and I love trying to make sense of it.

– Qaiser Hayat



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