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Internship programme

Choosing a career path as an undergraduate can be challenging. While you may have an interest in a particular area, you sometimes don’t know which path to follow until you’ve had some practical work experience.

In our internship programme, you will be placed in a technical field of your choice (where possible) for approximately three months to gain experience in that field and help you decide if it is right for you.

Aurecon’s internship programme coincides with the university summer break. At the end of the experience, we give our internship students structured feedback on their performance to assist in their professional development.

While open to all students, the programme has been designed for undergraduates ideally in their penultimate year of study.

Key application dates in Australia


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Internship programme applications
Expression of Interest Friday 10 June 2022
Open Friday 15 July 2022
Close Sunday 28 August 2022


Hear from our interns

We asked some of our interns what they’ve enjoyed during their time with us.

  • Working at Aurecon and experiencing its culture, its flexibility, and feeling included from the very first day was great. 

    Claudia Valle

  • I really enjoyed working on real life projects, it’s exciting to work on a project with a much greater scale than I’ve seen before. 

    Nicole de Saram

  • The best thing about my internship so far was seeing my learning from university come to life and understanding how much more there is to learn. 

    Jack Middleton

  • It’s been great to see how we work with other organisations, the way Aurecon solves problems, the more creative side of engineering. 

    Tristan Rennick

  • I liked building up my network – not only with the other interns creating a support network of peers but finding others who I can reach out to when back at University. 

    Zara Fitzgerald

  • The internship programme was more than just work, there’s a social side too. We had a lot of fun as well.

    Ann Phan

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