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Co-create a better future as an Aurecon intern

Co-create a better future as an Aurecon intern

Choosing a career path as an undergraduate can be challenging. It’s hard to know which path to follow until you’ve had some practical work experience – and that’s okay! This is what Aurecon’s Internship Programme is for.

Over your university summer break, you’ll get the opportunity to collaborate and work with our diverse and inclusive teams, be immersed in real-life projects, and work out the career that’s right for you. Experience a series of activities tailored for students including:

  • Onboarding and training sessions to develop your skills as a consultant
  • Networking events with fellow interns and seniors in the business
  • Limelight events for professional and personal development
  • Learning courses and training in Aurecon U and LinkedIn Learning

Key application dates in Australia and New Zealand

Express your interest to be an intern with us and co-create a better future. Together, we’ll be unstoppable. Look out for when applications open:

Internship programme applications
Open 03 July 2023
Close 13 August 2023

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What are we looking for?

Our multidisciplinary Aurecon teams are set up to support the diverse range of clients and markets we work with. Each team provides exciting career possibilities and offers you the chance to learn from the best in the business to deliver complex, meaningful, and innovative projects across the world.

Our graduates come from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. You don’t necessarily need an engineering background to work here.

Aurecon teams provide design, engineering and advisory solutions for clients across a wide range of markets including Aviation, Construction, Data & telecommunications, Defence & national security, Education & research, Energy, Government, Health, Manufacturing, Property & place, Resources & chemicals, Transport and Water.

Read more about our design, engineering and advisory solutions for a better future here.

AREA OF STUDY Aurecon Teams








Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Civil engineering
Structural engineering
Chemical / Process engineering
Geotechnical engineering
Environmental engineering
Town and urban planning
Sustainability and climate change
Surveying, Spatial Science / Engineering
Project management
Business / Commerce
Creative industries
Communication and marketing
IT and related

Hear from our interns

We asked some of our interns what they’ve enjoyed during their time with us.

  • Working at Aurecon and experiencing its culture, its flexibility, and feeling included from the very first day was great. 

    Claudia Valle

  • I really enjoyed working on real life projects, it’s exciting to work on a project with a much greater scale than I’ve seen before. 

    Nicole de Saram

  • The best thing about my internship so far was seeing my learning from university come to life and understanding how much more there is to learn. 

    Jack Middleton

  • It’s been great to see how we work with other organisations, the way Aurecon solves problems, the more creative side of engineering. 

    Tristan Rennick

  • I liked building up my network – not only with the other interns creating a support network of peers but finding others who I can reach out to when back at University. 

    Zara Fitzgerald

  • The internship programme was more than just work, there’s a social side too. We had a lot of fun as well.

    Ann Phan

Ebony Riley | Graduate careers at Aurecon

Ebony Riley

Structural Engineer

Ebony's thankful for the help she got from her colleagues in the Structural Buildings team during her Aurecon internship.

Minnie Kim | Graduate careers at Aurecon

Minnie Kim

Structural Engineer

Minnie believes that internships are significant for engineering students as some things that you can only learn from experience.

Sam Wainwright | Graduate careers at Aurecon

Samuel Wainwright

Mechanical Engineer

Sam shares why saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity helped him learn so much during his internship.

Civil Engineer, Jithari Bamunusinghe

Jithari Bamunusinghe

Civil Engineer

An internship is the perfect time to experiment and try out different things, especially if you have two summer internships at Aurecon.

Our recruitment process

Ready to bring ideas to life? Then please apply. Remember, it’s you and how you bring ideas to life which are important. Your background, unique needs and individuality will be valued.

  1. Apply by sending in your resume, cover letter and academic transcript
    Make sure you include details about your work experience, education, volunteering, and any extracurricular activities (do you have a side-hustle that is changing the world?)
  2. Online assessment and video
    You will be invited to undertake an online assessment that includes questions about you, written answers to brief practical problems, and you will get to film a short video a sharing a bit about you and what excites you about joining Aurecon. The Aurecon Attributes are the qualities we look for in our people. Learn more about the Attributes and discover your strongest Attribute.
  3. Screening process
    Our recruitment team review each application thoroughly and consider a variety of aspects. We narrow down the selection of applicants and provide a shortlist of resumes to hiring managers for review.
  4. Interview and/or assessment centres
    If you are successfully shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview and/or an assessment centre, depending on your location. Our team will send an email with tips and tricks on how to prepare.
  5. Offer of employment
    If you are successful – congratulations! You will receive a phone call from our recruiters to talk through everything you need to know about joining Aurecon. You will then receive all relevant documentation, including a visual contract.

If you have any queries, send us a direct message via our Facebook page and one of our recruitment team will get back to you.

You can also subscribe for email updates, to stay up to date with announcements around our graduate and internship campaign, including key dates and tips from Aurecon's recruitment team on how to apply and build your career.

Frequently asked questions

When do applications open?

Applications for our 2023/4 summer intern programme will open in July 2023.

How long is the internship programme?

Our internship is 12 weeks long and runs from mid-November to mid-February, with two weeks off over the Christmas and New Year period. If the start and end dates don’t align to your university exam schedule, we can work around that.

Is the internship paid?

Yes! All our interns get paid a competitive hourly rate.

What can I expect from the internship?

Our Intern Programme consists of a series of events including onboarding and training sessions, development, and networking events. You’ll spend your time working with your Line Manager, immersing in real-life projects, learning to apply the theory from university, meeting peers and mentors within your team and building connections for your future.

If I apply early, does that improve my chances?

We encourage you to apply as soon as applications open. Our recruitment team reviews applications each week so this can help progress your application faster.

Do we hire international students?

Yes, we welcome all international students to apply. We offer fixed term contracts in line with current visa conditions.

What kind of projects will I work on?

You’ll be immersed in real-life projects, learning to apply theory from university, meeting peers and mentors within your team and building connections to set you up for the future.

What kind of interns does Aurecon hire?

The interns we hire each year depends on the needs across our business. As a design, engineering and advisory company, we offer a diverse range of services across the globe. We have a range of multidisciplinary and teams that you can be a part of.

Each team provides exciting career possibilities and the opportunity to work with internationally recognised experts – meaning you get to work with and learn from the best in the business whilst delivering complex and innovative projects in a collaborative peer group spread across the world.

The opportunities table shows how your area of study is best matched for work in our teams.

When will I hear back from Aurecon?

Due to the large number of applications we receive, our recruitment team review them weekly. We treat every application with the attention it deserves. Our team will be in touch as soon as we can – thanks for your patience during this time.

What’s the dress code?

We embrace people being their authentic selves in our diverse and inclusive workplace, whilst remaining presentable and professional in appearance. We don’t have specific guidelines – some people prefer to dress more formal, others more casual.

Will I have a buddy once I start?

Along with your line manager and team, you’ll be assigned a buddy in your office location who will help you during your first few months at Aurecon. They’ll share their experience and knowledge to help get you familiar with the new environment. You’ll also be connected with our Limelight committee (our internal network of emerging professionals – including interns and grads) who are the driving force behind many social activities in each office.

Join us, and together, we’ll be unstoppable.

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