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Aurecon graduates program

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Graduate programme

As an Aurecon graduate, you will work in a collaborative environment where you can pursue your passions, design your own pathway, and fast track your career.

Collaborate with diverse and inclusive teams across geographies and markets, apply your skills to re-imagine engineering and design a better future, and work alongside industry leading professionals, mentors, and peers.

We’re reimagining our graduate programme.

Key application dates


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Graduate programme applications
Open TBC February 2023
Close TBC April 2023

Learning opportunities for graduates

Join a programme developed specifically for graduates to give you the head-start needed to become a professional who is passionate about creating innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Throughout the two-year programme, you will develop a strong foundation of relevant skills and experience to ensure a successful start to your career at Aurecon.

In Aurecon's graduate programme:

We deliver our learning through formal, interactive, and informal learning experiences:

  • Develop strong communication skills, build your personal brand, and broaden your network at Aurecon
  • Understand the attributes of high-performing teams and develop your ability to collaborate with others for successful outcomes
  • Learn how to communicate with impact and how to use design thinking methodology to produce superior business and client outcomes
  • Examine future career pathways and options (including becoming a registered/chartered professional)
  • Develop your resilience to change and your ability to communicate across all levels of our organisation

Expand your horizons:

At Aurecon, we empower our graduates to build and expand on their technical excellence and other critical Blueprint Skills whilst learning more about the full service offering we provide to our clients.

Our graduate rotations are designed to support graduates to connect and amplify their technical development across multiple projects, teams, and disciplines. By expanding on skills and developing a wide base of experiences, we are enabling greater mobility of talent across our business, providing greater service excellence for our clients and career opportunities for our people.

Your first graduate rotation is mandatory and takes place six months from your start date. Our team will support you in finding a team or discipline that aligns with your skillset and interests. After the first rotation, you will have the choice to move to other teams or service groups every six months until you complete our two-year graduate programme.

Your contributions will be valued, and you will be applying your learning to some of the world's most complex projects:

We do development differently at Aurecon

Experience development opportunities that will challenge you to build skills and knowledge so we are ready for the future to capture new opportunities. Share your learning journey with people across our entire organisation, at all levels and across different geographies; as we believe that diversity makes for better learning.

Your learning experience as a graduate at Aurecon will be dynamic, continuous and relevant as we will support you in all areas of development and encourage you throughout your career to ‘bring your ideas to life’.

Our comprehensive learning offering covers Aurecon U and our Blueprint Skills Map, which will put you at the center of your learning. Experience Aurecon’s unique ways of learning through collaborative workshops with your peers and leaders, and our online learning platform.

Aurecon U - Aurecon's learning platform

What is Aurecon U?

Aurecon U is our approach to learning which supports our employees to:

  • Learn together
  • Learn in the flow of work
  • Seek and share knowledge and wisdom
  • Learn through practice and feedback

What is the Blueprint Skills Map?

Our Blueprint Skills Map is the framework which sits behind Aurecon U, with all learning associated with key areas of mastery:

  • Essential IQ
  • Client Mastery
  • Technical Mastery
  • Digital Mastery
  • Commercial Mastery
  • Leadership
  • Design to Innovate

Aurecon’s additional learning opportunities

Aurecon’s graduates have access to development opportunities designed to help you become a recognised professional in your field and support you to realise your career aspirations.

As part of the programme, you will have access to the following development offerings:

Design to Innovate Series

The Design to Innovate series focuses on how we can unlock our creativity, unpack complexity and explore what is possible to deliver better outcomes for our clients. The modules are delivered as interactive sessions and cover topics such as design-led thinking, innovation, problem definition, problem solving, visual communication and strategy development.

Digital learning and design training

Aurecon has chosen to partner with a leading online learning platform that will allow you to grow your digital and design capabilities, as well as grow personally and professionally.

You will have access to a growing library of courses that range from basic to specialist learning across a wide range of subjects and software, such as:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Programming and IT
  • Interactive Design and 3D Animation


Aurecon’s mentoring programme connects our people with experienced practitioners to build skills, share experiences, and work towards clearly defined goals. Our mentoring participants are supportive of one another, provide open and constructive feedback, and challenge each other to continuously develop their professional practice. Our graduates are supported in finding a mentor who will be able to help them achieve their goals and progress their careers at Aurecon.

Professional accreditation

Professional accreditation can bring immense benefits to both the individual and the organisation – officially recognising your technical expertise and professional excellence, while also enhancing Aurecon’s brand. Our emerging professionals are supported every step of the way to professional accreditation and have one professional membership paid for by Aurecon annually.

Let’s Talk – Performance for growth review framework

Aurecon’s performance process, Let’s Talk, is a framework that enables you to align your contribution, professional development, and career progress with Aurecon’s goals. It ensures transparency, consistency and equity in how we set and measure goals, and ultimately reward employees for their contribution. The simple, streamlined performance process is designed to facilitate meaningful conversations across the organisation that lead to strong performance outcomes.

Work flexibly

At Aurecon, we’re big believers in flexible working as it boosts productivity, effectiveness and wellbeing.

We have a flexible work philosophy that is about choosing when and where we work that works best for our work community (clients, team and partners), for us, and for our work.

We believe that flexibility boosts productivity, effectiveness and wellbeing.

Hear from our graduates

Unconventional Uncovered

What makes us ‘unconventional’? Our graduates from across our offices in Australia and New Zealand show you what it’s like to work at Aurecon.

Aliy Pehlivanides

We prioritise innovation, recognising that within every problem lies new breakthrough ideas.

– Aliy Pehlivanides


Ahmad Fahim Hakimi, Geotechnical Engineer, Aurecon Graduate

Ahmad Fahim Hakimi

Geotechnical Engineer

Born in Afghanistan, Ahmad moved to Australia and finished his studies with a full scholarship to study engineering. He’s now an integral part of our geotechnical team.

Shannie Su, Transport Engineer, Aurecon

Shannie Su


Shannie shares what a day in her life looks like, from developing her road design skills to mentoring and empowering young female engineers.

Aurecon graduate, Sam Morris

Sam Morris

Civil engineer

Sam shares what life is like at Aurecon in Christchurch as she designs her career through various development opportunities.

Aurecon Graduate Walaa Salah Jassmin Al-Hamran

Walaa Salah Jassmin Al-Hamran

Electrical Engineer

Follow Walaa around for a day at the Sydney office and see how Aurecon drives innovation through diversity and inclusion.

Limelight – Aurecon's emerging professional network

Close to 50 per cent of Aurecon’s people are classified as early career professionals, making them a large part of our workforce.

In recognising this, Aurecon created a network of proactive early career professionals who actively promote a culture of innovation, involvement and connectedness called Limelight. They are the driving force behind many social activities for our graduates and support the personal and professional development initiatives for our people.

Limelight members come together in regional committees and networks and take part in global initiatives and events at Aurecon.

Limelight gives all our Graduates a voice, which provides a crucial feedback loop that is important to our business. Management fully supports this initiative and values the feedback sessions with senior leadership which foster new ways of thinking, new ideas and the voice of the future thought-leaders of our company and within the wider industry.

Play video What is Limelight?

Meet our leaders

At Aurecon we believe humanity depends on engineering; and we recognise we have a broader stewardship role to play. Our CEO and senior leaders are collectively responsible for the strategic direction, growth and operations of Aurecon’s businesses and for ensuring our behaviour in the market aligns with our corporate values.

  • William Cox


    William is Aurecon’s CEO, leading the organisation with a focus on rapid growth and continuing diversification across Digital, Advisory and Asia. William is a vocal advocate for equality and diversity in the workplace. He is Aurecon’s Pay Equity Ambassador for the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and Aurecon’s representative for the Consult Australia Male Champions of Change.

  • Louise Adams


    Becoming the first female Executive Director on Aurecon’s Global Board in 2013, Louise is Aurecon’s global spokesperson for women in leadership. She has a passion for workplace diversity and the role it plays in innovation. She is also an advocate for female leadership and equality within STEM, receiving a high commendation for Female Champion of Change in Consult Australia’s Excellence Awards in 2016.

  • Maureen Thurston-Chartraw


    Maureen is responsible for leveraging 'design to innovate' principles at Aurecon to help fuel an innovation mindset and convey new value to clients. With over 30 years of experience capturing the collective value of design, she embeds the client experience as a strategic differentiator within Aurecon’s future ready strategy. Maureen is also the Chair of Design Australia and an Adjunct Professor at University of Technology Sydney.

  • Scott Powell


    Scott Powell is an advocate for mental health in the workplace and authentic leadership. He believes in cultivating inclusive workplaces through strong leadership, so people can be their healthiest and truest self. Scott is Aurecon’s executive sponsor for its ‘Mind Matters’ programme which provides mental health awareness education to all staff.

  • Angus Leitch


    Angus is responsible for Aurecon’s operations in Australia’s states of South Australia and Victoria; and he is Aurecon’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) spokesperson. The RAP focuses on improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation in Aurecon, not only as part of the Company’s diversity ambitions, but also in recognition of its Indigenous Australian clients.

  • Paul Gleeson


    Paul is responsible for building Aurecon’s momentum as Australia’s leading engineering advisor to the energy sector and supporting the country’s transition to a lower-carbon future. Additionally, Paul is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia and uses his experience to help energy and resources clients create more sustainable industries.

Experience Life at Aurecon.

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