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Unlocking innovation: A kick-start guide for graduates

By Maureen Thurston, Aurecon Chief Experience Officer, former Global Director Design to Innovate

We want to make the world a better place. As a global engineering and infrastructure advisory firm we need people with superior technical skills, as well as a turbo-charged imagination to address a world filled with wicked problems. We need daring problem finders as well as creative problem solvers!

We’re looking for graduates with an unconventional perspective to help us explore what might be possible…

Every innovation begins with one person asking one simple question… why?

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer"

Albert Einstein

Are we solving the right problem? Is the problem even worth solving? Like Albert Einstein, we like to ‘stay with the problem longer’ too because hidden away in every problem are new insights and opportunities waiting to be discovered!

At Aurecon we believe in the super-power we call ‘Design to Innovate’. A compilation of tools and frameworks that help us think through the issues and play with the problem before jumping to the solution.

Design to Innovate is a creative discipline that relies on diverse thinking, confidence in challenging the status quo, and recognising that within every problem lie new breakthrough ideas. We’re looking for graduates interested in working with us to explore what might be possible

The magic in diversity

Diversity of thought is about incorporating different viewpoints from different people to develop the most innovative solutions. It’s the idea that each person’s thinking is fundamentally shaped by their personal values, life experiences, personality traits and cultural background.

The ‘magic’ comes from celebrating diversity and that’s what Aurecon’s Attributes are all about. They are eight Future Ready qualities: Co-creative, Inquisitive, Engaging, Commercial, Sense maker, Unconventional thinker, Fearless and Resourceful.

Check out our quiz to discover which Aurecon Attribute is strongest in you.

Good luck on your journey – if you’re interested in exploring ‘the possibilities’ we hope you choose to continue it with us!

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