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Top 10 interview tips from our recruitment team

Chances are, if you are visiting this page, you are considering a role at Aurecon. We are honoured that you are considering us to be a part of the next step in your career journey. We really want you to do well!

These are our top 10 successful interview tips to make a great impression:

1. Don’t be late

The interview is the best indicator we have about how you would behave professionally. Coming late to the interview will lessen your chances of success, and will not make a positive first impression. Make sure you’re prepared for how you will travel to the interview, factoring in any time for transport delays.

2. Do your research

We recommend you research our business via our company website before you come to interview. There’s lots of information about the kind of projects we work on, the markets we specialise in, and the opportunities available in our growing advisory and engineering business across the globe.

There’s also plenty of information about our development opportunities and what’s involved to progress your career.

3. Understand your role

We recommend knowing what role you’re applying for, what skills are required, and what your area of expertise may be. For example, if you studied civil engineering, you could work in geotechnical, civil, or structural engineering.

Furthermore, if you studied structural engineering, you could work in bridge, marine or industrial engineering – just to name a few. Knowing where you’d like to take your career will help you stand out at your interview.

We also recommend coming prepared with some background knowledge about the trends of the sector. We are a consulting business after all.

4. Be prepared for questions you can expect

Examples of questions you may be asked in an interview might be:

  • What subjects have you partaken in, and particularly enjoyed?
  • Can you identify a situation where you have made a mistake, and what you did to deal with it?
  • Where you were part of a team, explain how a project went to plan, or how it didn’t go to plan. How did you address it or learn from it?

To help you structure your responses, it can help to use the STAR model:

  • Describe the Situation you were in
  • The Task you were required to complete
  • The Action you took, and
  • How you measured the Response or outcome

5. Know your resume

It should go without saying, but before you come to interview, you should know the details on your resume intimately. Think carefully about what skills and experience you have that make you stand out from the crowd, and what achievements you’re most proud of.

6. Be yourself

We believe diversity and inclusion helps drive our innovation. When you come to interview, it’s important to let your true personality shine, and to tell the truth about your skills and experience. That way, if you are successful, you (and we) know that you are the right fit for our workplace.

7. Understand the interview process

When you come to interview, you will typically be interviewed by a recruitment consultant and one of our hiring managers.

It’s also very likely that the hiring manager will also be your line manager, if you are successful in the role. If they haven’t already, we recommend that you ask our recruitment team what the interview process will be and the names and titles of who will be interviewing you.

8. Showcase your strongest Aurecon Attribute

At interview, the Aurecon Attributes are what we look for, because that’s how our people stand out from the crowd. Our clients have told us these non-technical capabilities are what they look for in the best project teams. Ideal candidates are not necessarily the most academic, they’re strong all-rounders, have interest in extracurricular activities, and have outstanding soft skills.

9. Bring questions for us

A sure-fire way to show us that you are really interested in the role, is to come prepared with at least three questions to the interview. Think about your deciding factors for choosing a role, and make sure you cover them. You are welcome to bring the questions on a piece of paper to the interview, and a pen should you want to take notes.

10. Dress for success

At Aurecon, we encourage everyone to bring their authentic selves to work because we believe it’s good for business. As long as you dress appropriately and smartly for interview, you can wear what you like.

We hope to see you at our offices soon!

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