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Are you looking for the opportunity to be who you are truly meant to be? The opportunity to take your career to the next level and be recognised for your unique skills and the impact you make. 

The opportunity to master your professional and personal life commitments by working when and where is best for you and your work community.

The opportunity to do infinitely diverse work that has meaningful purpose and create a better future for yourself, your career and the planet.

Meet opportunity, at Aurecon.

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Your opportunities at Aurecon

At Aurecon, we are committed to creating better and more sustainable outcomes for our clients and communities across the world and this means we need a diverse team with proven experience. Experienced or mid-career professionals make up half of our workforce and are crucial to our business success.

"...we value and respect that each person is unique... It’s these differences that fuel our creativity."

To better understand what motivates experienced professionals both inside and outside of their work, we undertook qualitative and quantitative market research. We found that a large proportion of experienced professionals are having to balance and sometimes choose between their career and commitments outside of work.

At Aurecon, we value and respect that each person is unique, and so is their life outside of work – family, hobbies, sports, or volunteering. It’s these differences that fuel our creativity.

Hear from our team below to learn how you will be supported to meet your opportunity, find balance and build the life that you want with Aurecon.

Your opportunity to make an impact by working on diverse and meaningful projects

Our work provides opportunities for you to create a better future for people and the planet. We are lucky to work with an eclectic range of clients, on a diverse range of projects, in exciting locations across the world.

This allows you to work on projects that align with your interests and gives you room to grow and diversify your skillsets.

Juliana shares her experience
Juliana Fernandez, Aurecon

Your opportunity to grow both personally and professionally

Aurecon U enables our people to seek knowledge, share wisdom and learn through practice and feedback.

There are two distinct career paths for advisors and engineers – ‘people’ and ‘technical’. Our personalised training programmes help you understand the style of work that best suits your psychology to increase personal growth, satisfaction, and performance.

Shahbeba talks about her professional growth in this video.

PLAY VIDEO Shahbeba Ali, Aurecon

Your opportunity to work flexibly

Aurecon provides the opportunity for everyone, in any role, to consider how, when and where they work and how they can perform at their best.

The success of flexible and hybrid working depends on the choices we make regarding communication, connection, technology, and work practices. Our goal is to support you in making choices that work for you, your team, your clients and your family.

Ross shares his experience
Ross Hall, Aurecon

Your opportunity to be valued through leadership support and feedback

Aurecon's Let’s Talk performance process provides you the opportunity to have regular meaningful conversations about your career, your team and your potential to master your craft.

Our leaders focus on creating the right foundations for engagement to better understand the intrinsic motivations and drivers of their teams, and help you discover your value at Aurecon.

William talks about his leadership journey in this video.

PLAY VIDEO William Wu, Aurecon

Your opportunity to belong in an inclusive and diverse culture

We want everyone to know that Aurecon is a place where they belong, feel connected, can develop and have equal access to opportunities.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Aurecon

If you’re interested in meeting your opportunity at Aurecon, connect with our Recruitment & Sourcing team.

Contact one of us below, or see all jobs.

Sean de Nys, Aurecon

Sean de Nys

Recruitment & Sourcing Manager – Australia & New Zealand
Nerida Langford, Aurecon

Nerida Langford

Senior Recruitment & Sourcing Consultant (Rail)
Rochelle Reddy, Aurecon

Rochelle Reddy

Senior Recruitment & Sourcing Consultant (Water)
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