Hardwired in our DNA are engineering, design and the deep need to leave a legacy.

Aurecon's DNA

We attract and inspire a diverse workforce and create an inclusive, high-performing culture where our people, across more than 25 countries around the world, feel valued. We know all companies say culture is important, but ask anyone at Aurecon and they’ll tell you how our culture permeates through everything we do.

All the strands of what we do, think and feel tie together to make us who we are. Our Attributes are our way of being. Our Principles our way of working. And the Methodology is our way of doing. We then weave it all together with our custom blend of employee and client experience. This is what fuels creativity and delivers innovative solutions.

This is how we bring ideas to life. This is our DNA.

Our Attributes

Our Attributes are our way of being. Individually and collectively they are the catalyst that unleashes the true power of Aurecon. These are the qualities we look for in our people and continue to develop throughout their careers. They are:

The Aurecon Attributes are how we stand out from the crowd. Having a couple of these attributes would be a great way to kickstart your career at Aurecon. Nobody has them all, but when you work within a project team at Aurecon, you’ll see all the Attributes represented. It’s how we bring ideas to life.

Learn more about the Aurecon Attributes and find out what your Attribute is.

Our principles

Our Principles are our way of working. They infuse our culture, where our people can flourish and bring our client’s ideas to life. We focus on what matters, we make the most of opportunities, helping our clients shape the world to make it a better place.

Create a legacy

Create a legacy

We engineer for life, serving society to create a positive legacy.

Be playful with serious intent

Be playful with serious intent

Creativity is a talent and a way of operating. Our curiosity, creative energy and flair help our clients shape the future.

Believe it. Say it. Do it.

Believe it. Say it. Do it.

We help our clients make the world a better place through focus, discipline and commitment to excellence.

Make the complex simple

Make the complex simple

We are sensemakers to our clients in the face of complexity. This is the essence of mastery in one’s field.

Be nimble

Be nimble

We make the most of opportunities brought about by fast-changing client and community needs.

Master your craft

Master your craft

Our heritage and experience give us the right to innovate and stretch the boundaries of the possible.

Our Methodology

Our Methodology is our way of doing. This is where we mix it all together to make the magic happen. It’s the way in which we engage, win and deliver success. It’s how we build relationships and seize opportunities, create value for our clients, and deliver inspired solutions.

Awards and recognition

Aurecon’s innovative and future-ready culture has been formally recognised through numerous awards and accolades, including:

WGEA Employer Choice for Gender Equality

Aurecon has ranked in top 25 LinkedIn Top Companies list in Australia

AFR Most Innovative Companies 2017

Every day, our people work together, knowing what we do can make the world a better place. If you want to be part of a global team who strive to bring ideas to life to shape and design a better future, start by having a look at some of our engineering and advisory jobs today!




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