Just Imagine your future with Aurecon

We believe humanity depends on engineering.

Just Imagine your future with Aurecon - We believe humanity depends on engineering.

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Award-winning people and projects

We showcase our awards to celebrate the work of our people, clients, and partners to imagine and co-create a better future for people and the planet.

Innovation through adversity

The Aurecon Attributes help us stand out from the crowd. Watch the video, then take the quiz below to discover your strongest Attribute.

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Where will you fit in at Aurecon?

We attract and inspire a diverse workforce and create an inclusive, high-performing culture where our people feel valued. Whatever your uniqueness we will respect you. Meet some of the people who have chosen to work with us.

Aurecon graduate, Sam Morris

Sam Morris

Civil engineer

Sam shares what life is like at Aurecon in Christchurch as she designs her career through various development opportunities.

Rowenna Walker, Aurecon

Rowenna Walker


Hailing from Croydon, South London, Rowenna wanted to be a prima ballerina when growing up. Now living and working in Sydney, Rowenna talks about her busy life in Australia.

Qaiser Hayat, Aurecon

Qaiser Hayat


Qaiser shares his engineering journey of going from the hot and arid deserts of Pakistan and Dubai to relocating with his family to the lush green mountains and crisp blue waters of New Zealand. 

Helen Browne, Aurecon

Helen Browne


From Rush, a seaside town in Ireland, to backpacking across Australia, Helen Browne talks about what she loves most about working abroad and working on transformational rail projects.

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