Just Imagine your future with Aurecon

We believe humanity depends on engineering.

Just Imagine your future with Aurecon - We believe humanity depends on engineering.

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Award-winning people and projects

We showcase our awards to celebrate the results of the collaborative endeavours of our people, clients, partners and projects to reimagine and design a better future.

Innovation through adversity

The Aurecon Attributes help us stand out from the crowd. Watch the video, then take the quiz below to discover your strongest Attribute.

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Where will you fit in at Aurecon?

We attract and inspire a diverse workforce and create an inclusive, high-performing culture where our people feel valued. Whatever your uniqueness we will respect you. Meet some of the people who have chosen to work with us.

Serene Hajjar, Aurecon

Serene Hajjar


Though not an engineer, Serene still gets to be involved in the technical and design process of projects, engaging communities using digital platforms and strategies to better co-create our shared spaces.

Serena Yap, Aurecon

Serena Yap


Serena imagines a world where we live and work in buildings that combine comfort with form and function. That’s what led her to explore designing with mass engineered timber.

Qaiser Hayat, Aurecon

Qaiser Hayat


Qaiser shares his engineering journey of going from the hot and arid deserts of Pakistan and Dubai to relocating with his family to the lush green mountains and crisp blue waters of New Zealand. 

Matt Gurr, Aurecon

Matt Gurr


Matt tells the story of how he was inspired to become an engineer and why mission critical data centres play a vital role in providing the interconnectivity we demand in our digital world.



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