Here’s a good idea… Get Just Imagine’s #100GoodIdeas today!

Aurecon Aurecon
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27 March 2018
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If one idea can change the world, imagine what we could do if we had a hundred of them?

Two years ago, we launched the Just Imagine blog into our readers’ imaginations to foster creativity and provide them with a glimpse of the future. With a little bit of grit and tons of collaboration, we have taken an exciting journey far, far away to the ‘yet’ unknown and have explored the possible, probable, and remotely plausible (Just Imagine!). Week after week, idea after idea.

In celebration of our 100th Just Imagine blog post, Aurecon is publishing its first ebook titled #100GoodIdeas. The ebook showcases all 100 thought-provoking and powerful arguments that we have published over the past two years across business, leadership, engineering, technology, innovation, sustainability, and the future of our workforce. And it’s free!

Download a copy now by clicking the links below:

This ebook is a representation of ‘how far we’ve come’ and how far into the future we can continue to go if we want to. And we do! As we help our clients shape the future of the way our world works, we will continue pushing our boundaries way beyond the lines of ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’, and aim for the crazily good, unconventional and futuristic.

Thank you, Just Imagine subscribers, for taking the ride with us for the past two years. We hope these 100 good ideas will inspire your imaginations and enable future-ready co-creation now and into the future.

100 ideas down, hundreds more to go! Now, that’s a good idea.

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