Dear 2023…

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6 December 2022
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We’re just a few weeks away before 2022 ends and the new year begins. As we reflect on what transpired over the past 11 months, the thought of a new year brings much excitement and curiosity – and hope.

We are not going to lie; it’s been another eventful year. While it’s been heartening to see organisations and governments over the world setting ambitious targets to reduce the impacts of climate change, with emissions continuing to rise, we need to persist in being clever, creative and committed in our efforts to help industries transition to net zero. While the threat of recession continues to loom, some industries are busier than ever as the war for talent rages, and workplaces adjust to working in a mix of hybrid, remote, and in-office environments: leveraging all the good parts that working flexibly during the pandemic offered.

But amidst all this, we’ve let our imaginations run free, focussing on the future and wondering how all the changes we’re facing today will impact our lives years or even decades from now. Our top 5 blogs this year show our readers are interested in these too:

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As we look ahead to 2023, what breakthroughs will we see? What impact will a growing ageing population and the escalating health imperative have on how our cities are designed and connected? How will hybrid work change how organisations do business and communities function? And how could the increasing demand of individuals for transparency and participation in the government affect emerging technologies and increasing connectivity?

We believe there’s a lot we can do and achieve through the power of our imaginations, by questioning the status quo and exploring the what-ifs.

See you in 2023!


Sincerely yours,

The Just Imagine team

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