Kylie Cochrane, Managing Principal, Communication & Stakeholder Engagement – Australia & New Zealand

Kylie Cochrane, Aurecon

Kylie Cochrane is Aurecon’s Managing Principal for Communication and Stakeholder Engagement for Australia and New Zealand.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Kylie brings vast experience in community and stakeholder engagement, strategic communication and issues management in the resources, energy, and community development sectors.

She is passionate about engagement and committed to promoting the professionalism of engagement practice. She enjoys working on challenging engagement projects and brings proven understanding and experience on key infrastructure projects with significant community concern.

Kylie is the international chair of the International Association of Public Participation Australasia (IAP2), and an Australasian IAP2 board member. Previously, Kylie was an Institute of Public Administration Australia board member and the engagement representative on the NSW Government Independent Water Advisory Panel. Kylie is the founder of Women in Transport – a series of networking events across Sydney and Melbourne for women working in the infrastructure industry and the men who support them.

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Kylie Cochrane is Aurecon’s Global Lead for Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

Kylie Cochrane

Principal, Communications & Stakeholder Engagement – Australia
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