Jason Wozniak, Managing Principal, Infrastructure Advisory – Australia & New Zealand

Jason Wozniak, Aurecon

Jason Wozniak is Aurecon’s Managing Principal for Infrastructure Advisory in Australia and New Zealand. He is an Aurecon Partner with project advisory, management and delivery experience on a range of social infrastructure, industrial and property projects. His experience includes feasibility studies across a range of project types and procurement methods.

Jason has a particular strength in projects that require a technical and commercial interface including Public Private Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Government sponsored projects. Jason understands project lifecycles and how risk allocations, decision making and control are linked.

Jason’s expertise is providing advice to clients undertaking significant programmes and projects with multiple stakeholders and includes the full project lifecycle and output based contracting. Jason understands the complexity of project initiation including the importance that certain issues have for sponsor agencies, particularly around outcomes, scope, time and cost. Critically, Jason understands the links between the technical, commercial, legal and operational workstreams which ensures procurement advice is project specific.


Jason Wozniak

Jason Wozniak

Managing Principal, Infrastructure Advisory – Australia & New Zealand
+61 475 950 567
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