Towards a net zero carbon future

We believe humanity depends on engineering; and we recognise we have a broader stewardship role to play. A deep responsibility to hold.

Towards a net zero carbon future - Aurecon

Acting on climate change by moving towards a net zero carbon future

We have a responsibility to actively participate in the journey towards a net zero carbon future. Not only as engineers, designers and advisors, but also as innovators and individuals acting on climate change.

Our people are passionate about sustainability and are committed to creating a positive impact in our environment and communities. It is part of our ‘why’.

At Aurecon, we believe we play a vital role in helping the communities and economies in which we operate transition to a net zero carbon future.

Direct impact

We will support the transition to a net zero carbon future by setting targets, metrics, and policies that reduce the direct impact of our operations on the environment.

Indirect impact

Our biggest contribution to society will come from the work we do with our clients – which is helping them manage their climate-related risks.

13 Climate Action - Aurecon

Our goal is to create sustainable, liveable futures.

Aurecon is a participant in the United Nations Global Compact. Our work on safeguarding the environment contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 13.

In line with the environmental principles of the United Nations Global Compact, we are committed to:

  • Supporting a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
  • Reducing the direct impact of our operations against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Encouraging the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

Net zero by 2025

Our business is one source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, so we are taking responsibility and implementing appropriate measures to reduce the impact we have on the world. We have made a commitment to become net zero carbon in our operations by 2025.

We have set our goals around the areas of our business where we can make the biggest difference. We aim to actively reduce net emissions from owned or controlled sources (Scope1), the generation of purchased energy (Scope 2), and all other indirect emissions from Aurecon activities we do not own or control, such as activities associated with business travel, procurement, waste and water, to zero by 2025.

The move to decarbonise our business and transition our services comes in anticipation of a 100 percent net zero emissions future.

We will achieve our targets through risk-based decisions, balancing investment in emissions reduction measures against offsets. Over time we anticipate the need for offsets will reduce.


The pillars of our environmental strategy

We focus our actions on six areas that will help create a healthier future, for people and for our planet.

Our carbon footprint

  • Aurecon applies an effective Environmental Management System compliant to ISO 14001 and commits to follow relevant environmental laws and regulations
  • We look beyond compliance to take everyone at Aurecon along on the journey to a net zero carbon future
  • To achieve a net zero carbon future, we implement measures to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of energy, water and consumables and reduce our waste generation

Our leadership

Our leaders demonstrate accountability in how we:

  • Communicate and promote the ongoing improvements of our environmental performance
  • Embed our environmental management objectives and targets firmly in our strategy, operations and culture
  • Practice proactive environmental risk management

Aurecon is a participant in the United Nations Global Compact.

Our partners

  • We build mutually beneficial relationships with our partners to ensure our environmental expectations align
  • We collaborate and influence to realise our environmental aspiration across our supply chain

Our people

We know we will only reach our goals if we create deep commitment among all our people to meet environmental objectives, seek environmentally sustainable solutions and be involved in initiatives they are passionate about.

Our projects

We work with organisations and governments to:

Our stakeholders

We strive to understand the needs and expectations of our stakeholders – such as the communities in which we operate and the end users of assets we create – and consider these in the way we operate.

Discover our work

Our teams have worked across all levels of government and industry. Here's a taste of our work.

Our sustainability and climate change expertise

We believe the work we do with our clients, is where we can make the biggest impact and contribution to society. Our expertise offering comprises two areas:

Transition risk management services

  • Social value and stakeholder expectations
  • Energy transition
  • Decarbonisation
  • Transition strategy and management

Climate change adaptation and resilience planning services

  • Climate risk and resilience strategy
  • Coastal Master Planning
  • Business resilience plans
  • Water strategy

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