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Prize giving 2016 UCT Maths Competition

Prize giving at the 2016 UCT Maths Competition

Written by Yvonne Carney, Quality, Environment & Sustainability Manager – Rest of Africa

The University of Cape Town (UCT) Mathematics Competition has been taking place annually since 1977. The objectives of the competition are to popularise mathematics among high schools in the Western Cape and raise awareness among both learners and teachers that mathematics is enjoyable and accessible to all. It aims to identify promising students with a view to offer them opportunities for further development of their mathematical skills and to study mathematics at UCT. The 2016 Competition attracted 7 176 participants from 170 Western Cape High schools.

Aurecon is and has been a proud sponsor of the UCT Mathematics Competition for the past decade.

Mathematics skills form an important part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programme and growing future generations of professionals.

Henry Herring represented Aurecon at the prize giving honouring the participants and winners.

Interview with Henry Herring

Question: Why does Aurecon support the UCT Mathematics Competition?

Young star mathematics performers are likely to pursue technical studies and careers and form a pipeline of innovative, skilled people that will become our future talent base.

How does this sponsorship tie in with sustainability at Aurecon?

Through our sponsorship we hope to contribute to building better future professionals and leaders and so contribute to the sustainable growth of our country and people. Whilst the learners are all competing at the same level, irrespective of their social challenges, and although some don’t always win, this competition uplifts the standard of mathematics in a sustainable manner. A visible cross section is that in the past mainly urban schools in the Western Cape participated, but this year more schools from rural areas competed in the competition.

In terms of being future ready, how does the UCT Mathematics Competition contribute?

Some of these talented young people may become our clients in the future by working for government or other large corporations and in order to be future ready we need to support and foster the growth of talented, innovative and skilled people, across the board.

UCT Mathematics Competition

= Fun + anyone can do it + problem solving + thinking laterally + thinking outside the box = sustainably growing future professionals!

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