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Unplugged Sustainability Story

Greening the National Australia Bank office in Singapore

Ameet Ankaikar, Project Leader, Aurecon

Ameet Ankaikar, Project Leader

"When people see their energy and water consumption data, they are often compelled to initiate their own energy saving tactics." Ameet Ankaikar, Project Leader at Aurecon

Located in Asia Square, the fit-out of the National Australia Bank office is one of the very few spaces in Singapore that has achieved Platinum status in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Green Mark certifications. As National Australia Bank (NAB) has a strong commitment to sustainability, they took the opportunity to ensure that this new office fit-out was of the highest green standards.

In order to balance requirements of both LEED and Green Mark certifications, Aurecon worked closely with NAB to determine what kind of high impact upgrades could be implemented in this project. For instance, a cost-benefit analysis was conducted to ensure the optimisation of carbon credits under both systems. In addition, we helped set up energy trending data and processes of this 24/7 operation so that NAB reaps real savings and benefits, post-certification.

Some of the key green features used in the development included:

  • Electronic energy and water consumption display within the building
  • Flexible interior layout
  • Highly efficient lighting and air conditioning system
  • Highly efficient water fittings
  • Provision of environmentally-friendly products and furniture

"Investing in a green office not only reduces company’s utilities bill, it also contributes to environmental conservation and staff well-being. Stephanie Verweijen, Procurement Manager at National Australia Bank

The impact of visualising a building’s energy consumption

Procurement Manager at National Australia Bank, Stephanie Verweijen, says the building’s energy consumption display has had an impact on the way staff view energy and water consumption.

“Seeing our energy and water consumption visualised in real time has inspired our teams to reduce their demand on these resources. Many of the staff members have started to close their office blinds over the weekend, for example, as this leads to a reduced demand on our cooling systems which directly impacts our energy consumption,” says Stephanie.

“Monitoring your energy consumption trends shows you where there are energy saving opportunities. We’ve not only been able to make a positive impact on the environment, but we’ve also seen the economic benefits of reducing our consumption,” adds Stephanie.

"Research has shown that green offices have a significant impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of staff. Everything from the air quality, views of nature and interior layout to the lighting will directly benefit staff and guests in the building." Ameet Ankaikar, Project Leader at Aurecon

In an effort to make the fit-out as sustainable as possible as well as have a long-term impact on the way staff view sustainability, the project team reused as much furniture as possible; procured ‘green label’ furniture, stationery and cleaning products and installed light timers in meeting rooms.

“We have also invested in technologically advanced meeting rooms in order to reduce our corporate travel needs, which will have an impact on our company’s carbon emissions. Our revamped office has many plants as well as a green (garden) wall, which reduces our carbon footprint,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie concludes by saying that greening the office has been an eyeopening experience for the business. “We care about the sustainability of our business, the environment and our people. Greening the office has helped us save money on water and electricity, improved staff wellbeing and it will have long-lasting benefits to the environment,” says Stephanie.

Aurecon Project Leader, Ameet Ankaikar, says the impact of real-time energy and water consumption in a corporate building goes a long way in establishing a mind shift towards energy and water savings among employees.

When people see their energy and water consumption data, they are often compelled to initiate their own energy saving tactics,” says Ameet. 

"It’s inspiring to see companies making big commitments to cut their carbon footprints. The innovative upgrades at National Australian Bank will not only save them money and lead to a healthier environment for staff and guests, but it will also have long-term benefits to the environment,” adds Ameet.

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