Safeguarding quality

Safeguarding quality

When engineers get it wrong, the consequences can be dire. We are acutely aware of our professional responsibility to create technical solutions which are both safe and sound. We deliver all projects against a bespoke, robust, agile and systematic process approach – comprising non-negotiable directives, outcomes and appropriate toolkits.

Aurecon is certified to ISO 9001 in many of our locations, but the commitments made in our Quality Policy are global commitments. Our quality assurance audits are conducted by an experienced, independent audit team. Objective. Unbiased. Critical.

We are rigorous in our approach to project planning, mobilisation, risk management and project control. Our deliverables undergo a stringent process of reviews, verification by independent and competent specialists, and approval in line with professional requirements. Our approach to quality management goes beyond forms: we expect our professionals to seek meaningful fresh eye reviews from the conception of the design philosophy through to the release of the final deliverable. 

Yet, our thinking about quality does not end there. Be it low emission cars or ethically sourced produce – consumers are redefining what “good quality” means. By analogy, at Aurecon we challenge ourselves to look beyond the immediate technical solution to find innovative ways to enhance environmental and social value. We are inquisitive to find a better way, to seek ways to tackle the big questions facing humanity today.

Isn’t that what “good engineering” is about?


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