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Vanessa Visman to lead Aurecon’s new Operations Performance & Assurance team

Vanessa Visman to lead Aurecon’s new Operations Performance & Assurance team

Vanessa Visman

29 June 2022 – International design, engineering and advisory company Aurecon has appointed Vanessa Visman as Principal – Asset Management & Performance to establish and lead an Operations Performance & Assurance team that will help organisations operate new and existing assets at peak performance.

Joining from Hatch, Vanessa is a globally recognised operational readiness specialist with a proven track record in building world class teams and achieving sustainably measurable outcomes and value to clients across multiple industries.

Aurecon Managing Principal – Asset Management & Performance John Searls said that Vanessa and her new team were hired to optimise operational and business readiness for new assets or existing assets prioritised for sustaining capital investment or transformation.

“Vanessa’s decades of strategic and hands-on leadership with asset intensive organisations helps businesses improve ramp-up time of assets and achieve stable operations more quickly. Her team will work across markets with a focus on resources, water and transport,” Mr Searls said.

“Assets that are slow to reach peak performance at start-up can cause significant safety and operational risks, not to mention substantial impacts to an organisation’s bottom line. Effective operational readiness can save months of ramp-up time and increase operational performance.

“The problem extends to brownfield sites as well given that reinvestment to uplift productivity still requires preparation so that operations and the business can deliver expected performance levels. As our clients look to decarbonise, the complexity of linking operations to existing business is often underestimated. For example, changing the fundamental energy source for an industrial plant is not as simple as switching off one power supply and turning on another. Issues around maintaining reliability of supply and strategies used to deploy operations have to be worked through carefully.

“Vanessa is a hugely valuable addition to our Aurecon team and will really transform how we advise our clients on harnessing asset value.”

Vanessa said she was looking forward to achieving results across a diverse client base at Aurecon.

“My team’s success in the past for clients has come from pairing our operations expertise with our commodity experience. Aurecon’s vast experience across markets including defence, water and transport really opens up the opportunities that we can advise in to maximise our clients’ results,” Ms Visman said.

“There are already fantastic foundations across Aurecon’s engineering and advisory business, such as asset management, environmental and digital systems that we’ll be connecting into for maximum benefit. We will take my existing knowledge base, built of nearly 30 years’ operations and project experiences in the mining and metals, infrastructure and manufacturing industries, to the next level by adding in framework elements for additional markets such as water, transport, defence and energy.

“Operational readiness has only existed as a concept in business for 15 years but the opportunities are tremendous as we help companies optimise their assets with a future operations lens,” Ms Visman said.

Vanessa Visman

Vanessa Visman is an operational readiness specialist with nearly 30 years industrial and consulting experience. She started in the Steel industry gathering 15 years operations experience, before moving to a consulting role leveraging her own experience as an owner in starting up an operation. For the last 15 years she has focused on supporting various global clients in operational and closure readiness strategies, planning and execution and developed frameworks and processes across the project and operations lifecycles to drive successful start up of new or modified assets.

She has built teams globally to support a wide client base as well as specialised applications to support the specific delivery requirements of Operational Readiness projects.

Vanessa has worked globally on greenfield, brownfield and sustaining capital programs across the manufacturing, port, rail, mining & minerals processing sectors (bauxite, aluminium, steel, copper, iron ore, manganese, coal, gold). Vanessa’s leadership and support has created exceptional outcomes and legacies to clients including BHP, Rio Tinto, FMG, Teck, S32, Emirates Global Aluminium, Newmont.

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