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Aurecon hires new Future Transport Director to lead innovation

Aurecon has appointed Terry Lee-Williams as Director of Future Transport to lead innovation.

Terry will focus on business growth and connect with established areas of the business to leverage climate transition risk expertise for clients.

27 July 2022 – International design, engineering and advisory company Aurecon has appointed Terry Lee-Williams as Director – Future Transport to help transport agencies and mobility services leverage opportunities relating to climate, cost of operation and data and technology.

Mr Lee-Williams joins from Arup where he was Director Transport Advisory Europe, leading national-scale projects across Europe, the Americas and Asia spanning a range of technical, economic and political management issues.

At Aurecon, Terry will focus on business growth areas including decarbonisation, technology change, demand management, freight and logistics and technical assurance, while also connecting with established areas of the business to leverage climate transition risk expertise for clients.

Aurecon Managing Director Transportation Scott Smith said Terry’s European experience and his strong Australian network provided a valuable combination to the business.

“Europe’s advancements with many new technologies, trends and legislation means that we can leverage industry experience to shape how organisations can best respond to policies and better move people between and around places,” Mr Smith said.

“To fulfil its international obligations Australia needs to integrate thinking between companies that build and own infrastructure and governments that operate and control the infrastructure’s pricing. Multi-sector collaboration is key, and Terry’s expertise and connections means he has this in spades.”

“In the future, it will become increasingly important to generate more from existing assets rather than building new. Embedding new technologies to promote smart motorways and connected infrastructure so that commuters can safely use assets more efficiently is one example of harnessing asset performance for the future. Terry’s insights and energy for future innovation is incomparable.”

Two projects that Mr Lee-Williams led overseas include Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s Project BRUCE that is utilising economic levers to shift motorway investment to public transport; and working with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to integrate public transport fares across operators to make journeys more accessible.

Mr Lee-Williams said Aurecon’s ability to work across sectors and connect private and public clients was attractive as a truly multi-disciplinary approach is required to achieve results.

“Australia is in a position to learn from international experiences about how the pricing of services can reshape how we value movement and to use second generation technologies to reduce carbon at lower costs. Together this can be used to incentivise zero carbon while maintaining sufficient government revenue to keep assets in good condition,” Mr Lee-Williams said.

“There are huge opportunities for Australia to significantly change pricing of mobility to make it fairer, more equitable and effective to support public and private transport. It’s a fantastic role to make a difference in.”

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