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Aurecon extends asset management capability in Aotearoa New Zealand with strategic partnership

Aurecon has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with the asset management body, the IPWEA.

This partnership with IPWEA will help Aurecon support organisations to make the right decisions in how they manage their assets.

5 August 2022 – International design, engineering, and advisory company Aurecon has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with asset management body the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia New Zealand (IPWEA).

The three-year partnership extends Aurecon’s existing engagement with clients in asset management and acknowledges the increasingly complex external environment for asset-intensive organisations, NZ Managing Director Tracey Ryan said.

“Our clients are facing increasing pressure in relation to managing their assets due to changing customer and stakeholder expectations, inflation and mitigating the effects of climate change, all against a backdrop of significant Government reform. This partnership with IPWEA NZ will help Aurecon support organisations to navigate the complexity of this environment and make the right decisions in how they manage their assets – often having to do more with less.” says Ryan.

IPWEA NZ contributes to sustainable communities enabled by public asset management excellence. As a partner, Aurecon will collaborate with other asset management professionals to:

  • Highlight the importance of asset management in public works infrastructure, by being ambassadors for asset management throughout industry
  • Provide industry participants with a platform to be seen as leaders in asset management
  • Ensure IPWEA NZ has close and mutually valuable relationships with industry
  • Provide IPWEA NZ with ready and varied access to expertise across all public asset management disciplines

Aurecon’s asset management approach connects our engineering and advisory expertise to align asset performance with business objectives. Our team leverages data and insights to provide clarity for asset owners, maximise lifecycle asset performance and prioritise investments.

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