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Aurecon brings home Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise Award 2021

Aurecon win Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise Award 2021

Alton Chow accepted the Global MIKE Award on behalf of Felicity McNish and Sue Stewart

29 April 2022 – International design, engineering and advisory company Aurecon has won the Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award and been highlighted as one of two most outstanding winners among 24 awardees worldwide, for its exemplary approach to cultivating and converting knowledge into products, services and solutions.

Conducted by an international study group made up of global experts, the 2021 Global MIKE review involved enterprises across ten countries and regions. Aurecon stood out for its consistent high performance in knowledge management implementation and innovation, including innovative research and thought leadership building.

Aurecon Principal – Innovation Stewart Bird said the award reflects the team’s growing focus on knowledge management as a crucial element of the business.

“It is a privilege to be recognised as a global leader in knowledge management and innovation,” said Mr Bird.

“For a multi-disciplinary company like Aurecon, we attach great importance to knowledge sharing and providing connected, curated knowledge for our people across teams. We see good knowledge practices as key to innovation. Innovative organisations emphasise continuous learning, and foster sharing and dissemination of accumulated experience, knowledge and innovation so that its value compounds.”

Aurecon’s current knowledge management strategy emphasises connecting critical knowledge across the group to help employees leverage the wealth of skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to deliver complex sustainable solutions to clients.

Elaborating on Aurecon’s knowledge management efforts, Aurecon Director – Knowledge Management Felicity McNish commented, “Over the next 3-6 months, we will be streamlining how we capture information to curate knowledge that meets the needs of various project and delivery streams, in turn further embedding the value of knowledge sharing behaviours.

“We’ll continue to further integrate our existing knowledge management platforms and tools to ensure all areas of our business stay informed of key drivers of the changing environments we operate in, and the innovations needed to support both our clients and the team in achieving the best business outcomes.”

Recent initiatives Aurecon has undertaken in knowledge management include the AI chatbot Bobby and the KNOW-vember campaign.

Bobby was launched to improve employees’ search experience for commonly asked questions and connect them with critical knowledge within Aurecon. KNOW-vember took place in November 2021 as a month-long knowledge-sharing campaign, which provided over 5000 employees with insights on innovative solutions designed by the team and frameworks on how to think differently in a changing and increasingly complex landscape.

Felicity McNish and Aurecon’s Hong Kong-based Managing Director for Greater China Alton Chow accepted the Global MIKE Award on 27 April.

The Global MIKE award win follows Aurecon’s recognition as a regional winner of Hong Kong in October 2021.

Key judging criteria

For the judging of the MIKE Award, Aurecon’s innovation and knowledge initiative was analysed across eight key areas:

  • Empowering knowledge workers for innovation
  • Strategising, visioning and transformative leadership
  • Creating client and user expectations/needs/experiences
  • Developing internal and external networks and connectivity
  • Cultivating organisational innovation culture
  • Investing and delivering knowledge-based products/services/solutions
  • Enforcing knowledge practices and systems for knowledge creation
  • Implementing creative and virtual space to create stakeholder value

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