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Aurecon appoints new leader to harness momentum in sustaining capital

Aurecon appoints Elizeu Boto as Principal, Sustaining Capital.

Boto’s appointment builds on the momentum of Aurecon’s successful advisory practice and paves the way for Aurecon’s next generation of advisory work.

05 April 2022 – International design, engineering and advisory company Aurecon has appointed former Deloitte Transformation & Operations partner and member of Queensland Energy & Resources leadership team Elizeu Boto as Principal to help lead its rapidly growing Sustaining Capital portfolio.

Boto has more than 20 years’ experience in the energy and resources industry with expertise in managing large complex transformations for asset intensive industries.

Aurecon Managing Director, Sustaining Capital David Barnes said that Boto’s appointment builds on the momentum of Aurecon’s successful advisory practice and paves the way for Aurecon’s next generation of advisory work.

“Sustaining capital is a growing part of our business and now represents 30 per cent of Aurecon’s revenue. Asset intensive organisations need to make smart reinvestment decisions and we are increasingly working with clients to reimagine assets and operations that maximise opportunities to both create and then protect value,” Mr Barnes said.

“We are experienced in advising and delivering effectively across brownfield environments, responding to existing constraints and helping clients minimise budget and schedule implications. Our expertise centres around an intersection of three areas: our operations-led perspective that provides tailored advice, execution-led perspective focused on delivery and engineering, and digital enablement. This sweet spot combined with our understanding of the asset and business lifecycle and deep industry experience enables us to integrate solutions and help clients make the right decisions to remain relevant and competitive.

“Elizeu’s vast knowledge, sector experience and passion for understanding what clients truly want will help us further support organisations to manage risk and maximise return, flex with future scenarios and anticipate asset closure, transition, and renewal demands.”

Mr Boto said he was looking forward to joining Aurecon given the company’s engineering and design capabilities provided unique opportunities to create data-enabled, integrated offerings to inform clients’ asset-management strategy and performance.

“In the past clients have been cautious about embarking on new technologies but there is a need to rethink operations differently as organisations face increasing demand from their stakeholders to become more cost efficient and carbon neutral,” Mr Boto said.

“Organisations have realised the missed opportunity of failing to design solutions that leverage smart technologies to reduce their maintenance and operations costs. Technologies such as data analytics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence are now being successfully applied to a number of use cases ranging from the reduction of energy consumption to the increase in use of recycled materials. It’s an exciting time to be leading in this space.”

Boto’s role will span multiple client and market portfolios across Australia, with a focus on co-creating and testing with clients strategies to implement sustainable value into existing asset portfolios.

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