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Project delivery and construction contracts expert to provide commercial certainty for Aurecon’s Infrastructure clients

Scott Johnston, Aurecon

Mr Johnston has 30 years of engineering experience and has managed APP’s independent assurance business, specialising in major infrastructure and heavy engineering projects.

20 September 2021 – In an infrastructure sector where projects are becoming larger and more complex, Aurecon’s new Principal Consultant, Transport Scott Johnston will provide certainty and security that these iconic structures are meeting strict design and engineering requirements.

Mr Johnston will join the international engineering, design and advisory business this month (September 2021) based in Sydney and providing project management and quality advice across Australia and New Zealand.

For the past 10 years, Mr Johnston has managed APP’s independent assurance business, specialising in major infrastructure and heavy engineering projects. With more than 30 years of engineering experience, and an extensive background in infrastructure and civil construction works, he has had key assurance roles on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects, including Sydney Gateway, NorthConnex, West Gate Tunnel, WestConnex and Sydney Metro.

“The Independent Certification (IC) and verification area that I specialise in has been very successful in the infrastructure sector in bringing timely performance benefits by ensuring schedules are met, and making sure that the contractor has the right checks and balances in place,” Mr Johnston said.

“This important role on transport projects, in particular, has helped to produce more collaborative outcomes and avoid some of the issues regarding outstanding defects and protracted claims that we have seen in other sectors.”

Mr Johnston said the IC role was particularly critical now given the limitations and challenges with domestic and international travel due to COVID-19.

“We are on site right from the start of the project right to the end,” Mr Johnston said. “This includes first-hand observations from attending concrete pours to visiting factories across the world where components for a project are being manufactured and ensuring they are up to standard before they get shipped to Australia, New Zealand or wherever the project is.”

Aurecon’s Market Operations Director, Transportation – Australia, Scott Smith, said Mr Johnston’s skills will give Aurecon’s clients confidence that projects meet their stated requirements and contractors have met their contractual obligations, including design and operational requirements.

“Scott Johnston offers our clients significant experience in major project assurance, commercial dispute resolution and quality management. He understands how to integrate independent certification and verification roles successfully into projects, creating a common understanding of collaborative goals,” Mr Smith said.

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