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Aurecon creates new portfolio as demand for sustaining capital solutions grows

Aurecon appoints new Sustaining Capital leaders David Barnes and Denis Marshment.

The new Sustaining Capital portfolio will be led by former Defence Market Managing Director, David Barnes, joined by industrial digital solutions expert, Denis Marshment.

06 October 2021 – International engineering, design and advisory company Aurecon is forming a new Sustaining Capital portfolio to focus on partnering with asset-intensive clients to ensure the continuous deployment of capital keeps their organisation relevant and competitive.

Chief Executive Officer, William Cox, said, “Our clients invest a significant amount of their annual capex budgets on sustaining projects that extend asset life. It’s more important than ever to deploy innovative, digitally driven solutions to stop assets depreciating faster than the capex required to sustain them.”

The new portfolio will be led by former Defence Market Managing Director, David Barnes, who will be joined by industrial digital solutions expert, Denis Marshment.

Barnes said Aurecon helps its clients to create maximum value from their sustaining capital investment by “understanding the insights from asset data”.

“Getting the most value from sustaining capital projects is all about making the complex understandable through data-driven insights. But for the asset data we collect to be genuinely valuable, it needs to be structured and combined around client priorities. That’s when you get better evidence for decision making and improved understanding of which assets to replace or refurbish. You can also identify important opportunities to incrementally improve productivity, reduce costs and maintain a license to operate.”

Denis Marshment has 30 years’ experience in engineering, asset management and data science. In joining Aurecon, he will work with clients in harnessing digital technologies to drive operational performance improvement and capital efficiency.

“Aurecon has an innovative approach to asset lifecycle management, making technology and data science central to value delivery,” said Mr Marshment. “Our ability to connect data, technology and people is what shifts the needle for our clients. I’m looking forward to bringing my expertise in digital solutions and asset management to the team to complement Aurecon’s advisory and technical capabilities.”

Aurecon believes that sustaining capital investment programmes will become increasingly important because of climate change, sustainability goals, resource depletion, ageing assets, increased regulatory and investor scrutiny, social licence requirements and productivity stretch goals.

“In an era of capital discipline, successfully delivering the right projects to balance investment and asset performance is particularly important,” said Barnes.

“We recognise that capital investment needs to integrate and balance between new growth asset investment through to operations and maintenance business as usual. Productivity improvement, extending the useful life of existing assets and ensuring assets are operating at their full potential, no matter what the business cycle, requires a unique blend of skills and experience. We’re uniquely positioned to partner with our clients to help manage these complexities through our engineering, advisory, digital and innovation capability”.

David Barnes is succeeded in his role as Market Managing Director, Defence & National Security by Damon Howes.

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