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Louise Adams inducted as Fellow of prestigious ATSE

Louise Adams

Louise was nominated based on her significant engineering experience across the globe and her leadership role in business, infrastructure, diversity and inclusion.

30 November 2021 – Louise Adams, Chief Operating Officer at Aurecon, an international design, engineering and advisory company, has been inducted as a Fellow into the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE), one of Australia’s five learned academies.

ATSE is composed of nearly 900 Fellows, bringing together Australia’s leading experts in applied science, technology and engineering to provide impartial, practical and evidence-based advice on how to achieve sustainable solutions and advance prosperity.

Delighted with the induction, Louise said, “The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering represents one of the most respected voices in STEM. It is a true privilege to join a group that helps to outline the pathway for Australia to thrive into the future.”

Involved in a range of global networks and industry groups across infrastructure engineering, design and advisory, Louise is committed to upholding the leadership role the Academy plays in Australian society and internationally.

“I’m especially passionate about the role that good infrastructure design can play in creating better societal outcomes for the community. To realise the full potential of infrastructure, we need to put diverse groups of people at the heart of the planning and design process,” said Louise Adams.

Congratulating on Louise’s fellowship, William Cox, CEO of Aurecon commented, “I was very pleased to nominate Louise for this fellowship, based on her significant engineering experience across the globe and her leadership role in business, infrastructure, diversity and inclusion.

“Through the Academy and her deep, multi-disciplinary expertise, I’m sure Louise will be able to further contribute to the solutions in STEM that are vital for Australia’s future.”

Each year the Academy considers nominations for a limited and select number (25) of places for new fellows from academia, industry, government and research organisations. All the new Fellows are proposed, seconded and supported by current Fellows.

The Academy has a meticulous merit based, peer review process conducted by Fellows who are the nation’s leaders in science, technology and engineering. The Academy contributes robust and practical thinking to Australia’s big debates in a fast-changing world.

With over 20 years’ experience leading civil and multi-disciplinary projects in land development and technical advisory for project planning, Louise is a prominent leader in STEM with substantial experience across Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia.

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