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Aurecon celebrates Green Building Council of Australia appointments

Aurecon professionals Green Building Council of Australia’s appointees.

These appointments provide further opportunities for Aurecon to have a lasting and positive impact on our communities.

19 July 2021 – Two Aurecon sustainability professionals, Jessica Holz and Quentin Jackson, have been appointed to Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Expert Reference Panels.

Aurecon’s Queensland Sustainability Leader, Jessica Holz, has been a Green Star Accredited Professional since 2009 and joins the Nature and Biodiversity Expert Reference Panel.

The panel provides expertise in helping to drive the shift in industry required to adequately account for the benefits of nature and biodiversity.

It is the second time Holz has been appointed to the expert panel and is honoured to be chosen to help make a difference in her field.

“The world is experiencing a global decline in intact ecosystems and biodiversity, and an extinction crisis. It is my passion to design built environments that preserve and enhance biodiversity, and engineer nature and wilderness into urban landscapes,” Holz said.

“It is a privilege for me to offer my expertise and time to the Green Building Council to develop industry benchmarks and guidelines that will achieve exceptional biodiversity and ecological outcomes across projects nationwide into the future.”

Quentin Jackson, Aurecon Sustainability Leader, has been appointed to the Wellbeing Expert Reference Panel after being recognised as a Green Star Champion in 2020 and having been on panels for previous versions of the tool. Quentin is also a GBCA Assessor and has contributed to developing the GBCA tools since their inception.

Quentin said it was an honour to be recognised by the GBCA last year and is thrilled with the opportunity to join other industry experts in shaping a sustainable built environment.

“Developing buildings of the future requires a more holistic approach than traditional design, where the health and wellbeing of the people who use them is at the forefront,” he said.

“I am passionate about having a positive impact on our environment by achieving practical sustainable outcomes and I am excited to leverage my position on the panel for continuous improvement of industry standards.”

Aurecon’s Managing Director, Built Environment, Tim Spies, congratulated Jessica and Quentin on their appointments.

“As sustainability professionals, advisors, designers and engineers, Aurecon plays an important role in helping to shape a sustainable future through the projects we deliver with our clients and the insights we offer to industry,” Spies said.

“These appointments provide further opportunities for us to have a lasting and positive impact on our communities.”

Jessica and Quentin are joined by Aurecon GBCA Green Star Accredited Professionals, Jeffrey Robinson, Principal, Buildings, who was also recognised as a Green Star Champion 2020, and Jessica Bennett, Sustainability Leader, Victoria, as well as the rest of the Aurecon sustainability team, in providing valuable advice to clients and industry to improve the sustainability of our built environment.

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