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Aurecon appoints Giam Swiegers as Board Chair

Aurecon has appointed non-executive director and former Aurecon CEO Giam Swiegers as Chair to the Aurecon Group Pty Ltd (AGPL) board.

Giam is a highly regarded business leader in Australia and has a broad view of the global business landscape and a deep understanding of Aurecon’s vision.

29 January 2021 – Aurecon’s Chief Executive Officer, William Cox, today announced the appointment of Giam Swiegers as Chair to the Aurecon Group Board effective 1 January 2021.

“Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Aurecon performed strongly over the last 12 months, while continuing to invest heavily in our innovation program.

“In October 2020 we were named Australasia’s most innovative company as well as its most innovative professional services firm, a recognition of Aurecon’s innovation culture, first implemented by Giam and I in 2015 when he took over as Global CEO.

“Our performance success has also been based on the premise that we dance with disruption rather than wasting time on prediction and we continue to have an ambitious plan for the future for our digital, advisory and design services.

As Chair, Giam also brings valuable perspectives on the global business landscape as well as deep understanding of the Aurecon strategy to Aurecon board discussions and decisions,” Mr Cox said.

A highly regarded business leader in Australia with over thirty years leadership experience, Mr Swiegers is a respected authority on business strategy, technological innovation and the transformation of organisational culture.

This is the latest in a series of Aurecon board appointments at the international engineering, design and advisory firm including Angus Leitch, Leeanne Bond and Aneetha de Silva which Mr Cox said would help ensure Aurecon continued to thrive as a diverse, sustainable and innovative company. Our Board of seven now has strengthened gender representation with two female directors.

“I’m delighted to take on the role of Chair as we embark on Aurecon’s next chapter. During this time of substantial global disruption, it's important that we continue to have a culture of championing innovation while reimagining Aurecon’s future,” said Mr Swiegers.

With 30 years of leadership experience in professional services, Giam Swiegers previously served on the Aurecon Board as a non-executive director, after holding the position of Global Chief Executive Officer at Aurecon for four years. This followed 12 years as CEO of Deloitte Australia. He currently also serves as a non-executive director to the Australian Design Council.

Former Aurecon Group Chair Mark Johnson who joined the board in 2017 and became chair in 2019, will continue to serve on the board as non-executive director.

“We thank Mark for the important role he has played as Chair in steering Aurecon in recent years, in particular through the turbulent year of 2020,” said Mr Cox.

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