Futures Playbook – Navigate Uncertainty. Anticipate. Act.


Aurecon launches free innovation tools to plan for better futures

Futures Playbook – Navigate Uncertainty. Anticipate. Act.

Aurecon shares the Futures Playbook to anticipate and take charge of change, a set of plays, tools, processes used to explore and make sense of our potential futures.

05 August 2021 – International engineering, design and advisory firm, Aurecon, has launched the Futures Playbook, a set of innovation tools used to explore and make sense of potential futures, ultimately helping guide businesses and communities through uncertainty and disruption.

Aurecon Group Managing Principal, Eminence, Digital & Innovation, Dr Andrew Maher, said that the Aurecon Futures Playbook is based on strategic foresight frameworks and theories, designed to identify and categorise different drivers of change, understand impacts and implications, and ultimately take action.

“For the past 18 months we’ve seen our clients and communities tackle rapid change and disruption. Some industries have disappeared overnight, and others have thrived in this new world.

"That’s why we decided to make the Futures tools freely available to businesses of all sizes, community organisations, students and startups. We think it could have a positive impact and help us all play a role in designing the future,” said Maher.

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Aurecon’s Futurist, Noriko Wynn played a central role in designing the playbook and said COVID-19 has caused great instability but has also increased people’s capacity to deal with uncertainty.

“Everyone has a different emotional response to the future, some are scared, some are excited, some are neutral. Whatever people might be feeling and therefore interpreting, these tools can help people to come together to navigate their futures. Through these explorations they can increase resilience and hopefully emerge stronger together,” said Wynn.

Recognised as Australasia’s Most Innovative Company 2020 by The Australian Financial Review Boss Magazine, Aurecon uses the plays with many of its clients as an integral part of the design process.

The Futures Playbook now available through Aurecon’s website and on 1st September 2021, Noriko Wynn will host a LinkedIn Live event where she discusses the principles of Futures Thinking and demonstrates how each of the plays can be used.

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