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Aurecon to support the Western Australian transport sector’s transition to hydrogen fuel

Aurecon was appointed to support the development of low emissions hydrogen transport hub in the City of Mandurah. Image courtesy of GettyImages.

City of Mandurah: Hydrogen is a great opportunity for Western Australia to play a leading role in the transition towards a low carbon future.

07 September 2020 – In a step towards reducing Australia’s rising transport emissions, international engineering, design and advisory company Aurecon has been awarded the feasibility study for the development of a clean hydrogen transport hub for the City of Mandurah.

Aurecon has been appointed by project proponents Hazer Group, Macquarie Group and fuel cell commercial vehicle company HYZON Motors to assess the feasibility of establishing a clean hydrogen production and refuelling facility and hydrogen transport applications to support the roll-out and uptake of hydrogen as a low-emission transport fuel.

"The Aurecon team, led by Future Energy Capability Leader Ben McGarry will bring a mix of strategic, commercial and deep technical skills to identify customer demand, viable and available hydrogen fuelled vehicles and a viable supply chain to supply, distribute, store, refuel and support the use of hydrogen vehicles.

"We recognise the strategic importance of advancing a 'whole hydrogen economy' and will bring lessons learned from other projects to demonstrate the economic viability of a hydrogen supply chain in the region, ultimately supporting the foundation for a new zero-emissions energy industry," Dr. McGarry said.

Hazer Group has received funding from the Western Australian State Government and the project is expected to support the development of a low emissions hydrogen industry in Western Australia.

Aurecon’s Managing Director Energy, Resources & Water, Paul Gleeson says it is crucial that government and industry come together to bring hydrogen to life as an enabler of the transport sectors transition to a low or net zero carbon future.

"Hydrogen fuel is one of the most exciting prospects for the transport sector. Aurecon’s Hydrogen for Transport report that informed Australia’s National Hydrogen Roadmap concluded that governments need to take an active role in supporting this high-potential new industry as it scales up," Mr. Gleeson said.

"Hydrogen is a great enabler of decarbonisation and there is an opportunity for Western Australia to play a leading role in the transition for both the transport and resources sectors, ultimately reaping the long-term economic benefits for industry and communities."

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