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Leeanne Bond appointed as non-executive director to Aurecon’s board

Aurecon has appointed Breakthrough Energy Owner and Professional Engineering Executive Leeanne Bond as non-executive director to Aurecon

Leeanne is a professional company director, chairperson and board member of private, ASX listed, public sector and professional organisations operating in Australasia and the Americas.

28 May 2020 – International engineering, design and advisory company Aurecon has appointed respected Professional Engineering Executive, Board Chairperson and Independent Non-Executive Company Director Leeanne Bond as non-executive director to the Aurecon group board

Leeanne is the owner of Breakthrough Energy and a professional company director, chairperson and board member of private, ASX listed, public sector and professional organisations primarily operating in Australasia and the Americas.

Her expertise in business strategy, energy and resources, technology and innovation, risk management, infrastructure and governance of major capital projects has helped shape many organisations across many industry sectors based on her 30-year career in engineering projects and professional services. 

Aurecon Group Pty Limited (AGPL) Chair Mark Johnson welcomed Leeanne, commenting the board was particularly impressed with her expertise on the energy sector transition as part of a low carbon economy.

“Transformation of the energy industry is a key focus area for Aurecon and Leeanne’s depth of knowledge in this area is second to none,” Mr Johnson said.

Aurecon Chief Executive Officer William Cox said Leeanne would add value through strategic thinking, commercial acumen, operational and management experience and her engineering background and skills to shape Aurecon’s response to current and future infrastructure challenges.

“Leeanne’s experience in a range of sectors including energy, water, minerals and postgraduate education will benefit AGPL board discussion and decisions,” Mr Cox said.

Leeanne said innovation in the sector has always excited her. From AI and robotics, to micro medical procedures and quantum computing, engineers are developing key technological solutions that are changing the way we live, work and play.

“I have a passion for engineering and the impact that our profession can make with new technology to drive innovation that shapes a better world,” Leeanne said.

Leeanne is committed to improving diversity and inclusion and encouraging women in STEM and personally sponsors a scholarship for a female engineering undergraduate student at the University of Queensland. 

She is currently the independent non-executive chair of ASX listed engineering and technology group Synertec Corporation Limited (SOP) and Mining3, an industry directed research and technology organisation formerly known as CRCMining in partnership with CSIRO. She is also a non-executive director of Australian government owned Snowy Hydro Limited and Clean Energy Finance Corporation as well as an investor in new technology start-ups.

She served as the first female President of Engineers Australia in Queensland in 2002 and is a past Deputy Chair of the Board of Professional Engineers. Leeanne was named Australian Professional Engineer of the Year in 2007 by Engineers Australia and has served on the national board of Engineers Australia. 

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