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Aurecon celebrates gold award for siteLab® in Melbourne Design Awards 2020

Aurecon Sitelab

siteLab® has become Aurecon’s enterprise design visualisation solution, and has been effectively deployed for more than 200 projects

2 July 2020 – Aurecon Digital Tool siteLab® has been awarded Gold in the Digital – New Service or Application – category in the Melbourne Design Awards 2020.

These awards are part of the global driven x design community of over 95,000 members, 9500 brands and 1,700 studios and celebrate the role of design in enriching the human experience.

siteLab® provides a digital canvas that allows users to interact with rich built environment or infrastructure design visualisations in real-time, including virtual reality, enabling quicker, smarter, and more cost-effective design decision-making.

Engineering projects are becoming increasingly large, complex, and delivered by distributed teams across borders. While technical specialists need to dive into the details, many other stakeholders also need to make sense of the designs and there is increasing demand for digital versions of physical assets – digital twins.

siteLab® was created to meet the needs of all internal and external stakeholders using one powerful tool. It aims to democratise the design process, reduce risk, and visualise challenges early so that decisions can be made more confidently.

Aurecon Chief Digital Officer, Dr Andrew Maher said, "siteLab® was built from the ground up to offer clients a unique perspective. Following significant research and development, siteLab® has become Aurecon’s enterprise design visualisation solution, and has been effectively deployed for more than 200 projects, including some of the largest infrastructure builds in Australia. It is a key technology for delivering digital twins."

In 2018, in line with Aurecon’s digital transformation strategy, Aurecon acquired Unsigned Studio – a 25 person strong team specialising in digital and communications – to bolster Aurecon’s storytelling and visualisation capability. Since joining Aurecon, Unsigned Studio has led the development of further enhancements to siteLab®; improving user experience, creating more clarity for the product and developing new technology innovations like our point cloud rendering technology and CCTV placement tools.

Dave Mackenzie, Managing Principal, Creative Technology & Visualisation, Aurecon recognised the importance, and the potential, of digital tools underpinned by technical expertise in delivering solutions for clients now and into the future.

“siteLab® was created using ‘game engine software’ – it has virtual reality as a standard feature. Gone are the 2D drawings, foam models, and unresponsive 3D renders of the past. Gone are the endless design documents and other attachments, likely to be misunderstood, or lost. By introducing a single ‘visual language’, siteLab® brings all stakeholders together on the one online platform, to view engineering progress, and quickly tackle challenges as they arise,” said Dave.

Aurecon’s Creative Technology & Visualisation team creates interactive and visual experiences and platforms to help our clients and communities understand complex problems, engage with design solutions and streamline delivery. siteLab® is one of a series of Aurecon Digital Tools that help clients bring ideas to life, and we are very proud to be recognised for its impact through the Melbourne Design Awards.

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