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Josie FitzGerald appointed to help drive better outcomes for New Zealand government and communities

Josie FitzGerald appointed to help drive better outcomes for New Zealand government and communities.

“My number one driver is to create great places and spaces for people to live, work and play," says Josie FitzGerald

06 November 2019 – Global engineering, design and advisory company Aurecon has appointed infrastructure and urban development specialist Josie FitzGerald as its New Zealand Government leader to help solve some of the most complex infrastructure challenges in the market.

Josie will focus her attention on New Zealand central and local government organisations, bringing together the expertise, experience and networks from across Aurecon to partner with the public service and co-create innovative solutions.

Aurecon’s Managing Director, Government Aneetha de Silva welcomed Josie into the Client Director role that will draw on Josie’s deep understanding of the New Zealand government’s policy agenda and priorities.

“All infrastructure serves communities and therefore is influenced by Government policy. Yet often infrastructure developments are scoped, designed and delivered in a finite and disjointed manner. Josie’s local knowledge and experience, as well as technical expertise, mean she can work with our New Zealand Government clients to understand issues and make informed decisions to achieve results that are best for them and the communities they serve.”

“Aurecon has reorganised and invested to reflect and respond to the needs of our communities and the government entities which serve them. We have recognised not only the value of our technical expertise having delivered major infrastructure projects, but the added value we can deliver by coupling this with a deep understanding of the drivers of governments and their policy priorities,” said Josie.

“We have put ‘human centred’ design at the heart of what we do. Together, we know we can produce better, more efficient and lower risk outcomes that provide social, environmental and economic value to the public.”

Josie said, “Currently, the New Zealand government is tackling a significant infrastructure deficit and housing shortage. I’m excited to be able to work with government agencies to develop long-term planning, procurement and asset decision solutions which reflect policy changes and the changing needs of communities, and bring the local knowledge and relationships we have to the table, coupled with international best practice tailored for our unique market.”

“My number one driver is to create great places and spaces for people to live, work and play. And to achieve this, I believe the key is creating great relationships with our clients and bringing diversity of skill and perspective. Our teams and leaders need to reflect the communities we are designing and delivering for. My new appointment is another opportunity for me to be a role model for all professionals aspiring to leadership positions, and to bring the story and learnings of Aurecon’s transformation to our government clients.”

Josie is Wellington born and bred and has spent her career focused on the betterment of the New Zealand market. Shortly after completing her Bachelor of Surveying at the University of Otago, she joined Aurecon to lead surveying, planning and land development teams.

She has since dedicated more than 20 years to delivering urban development and infrastructure projects in New Zealand, focusing on risk management, financial performance and service quality for her clients. She has worked extensively across many central and local government agencies and is a Director on the Board of the NZ Defence industry.

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