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Aurecon wins prestigious Construction Industry Council Innovation Award in Hong Kong

Construction Industry Council Innovation Award in Hong Kong 2019

18 December 2019 – After a rigorous judging and interview process, global engineering, design, and advisory company Aurecon has won the ‘International 2nd Prize’ in the Construction Industry Council (CIC) Innovation Awards in Hong Kong for its innovative Drone Rock-Mapping Technology.

  • Aurecon was recognised for its innovative Drone Rock-Mapping Technology
  • The technology was developed by Aurecon to tackle challenges faced in New Zealand after the 2011 earthquakes
  • The drone mapping combines laser scanning and photogrammetry to produce sophisticated 3D models
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The award was presented at a ceremony on 18 December. The biennial awards program is one of the flagship events for the construction and engineering industry in Asia, promoting divergent thinking and innovative solutions through new technology applications and scientific breakthroughs, spearheading the sustainable development of the industry.

Award-winning technology

The award-winning technology was developed by Camilla Gibbons, an Infrastructure Associate and Team Leader at Aurecon, along with her team, which were tackling the challenges faced in New Zealand by post-earthquake projects to remediate damaged cliffs and landslides. 

To safely enable construction work underneath the 80-metre-high cliff at Deans Head in Christchurch, and on the surrounding unstable land, the project team engineered the unique and cutting-edge smart drone mapping technology. Combining laser scanning of the cliff and use of drones with photogrammetry techniques provided the inputs to Aurecon’s new digital rock-mapping tool: the first technology of its kind to be used in New Zealand.

Ms Gibbons said the need for accurate rock-face data to address safety concerns was what drove them to innovate.

“To work safely, we needed an accurate 3D photogrammetry model of the site, which would have been impossible without the drone,” she said.

“The technology marks a positive step forward for the industry by offering an alternative to old-style manual rock-mapping techniques, in which safety was a major challenge to overcome.”

Not only did drone-mapping capture vast amounts of information very quickly, but the extracted data was transformed into highly accurate three-dimensional models using sophisticated software. The innovative digital rock-mapping tool then extracted the information required to undertake stability analysis, directly from the digital model.

Aurecon’s Managing Director for Greater China Johnny Lam said that Aurecon is very proud to receive this award in recognition of the team’s effort and contribution to driving construction safety.

“At Aurecon, our passion for digital is reimagining engineering and driving us to use our engineering and advisory expertise to support our clients with creative solutions,” he said.

The Hong Kong Infrastructure team accepts the CIC Innovation Award for Aurecon’s innovative digital rock mapping technology

The Hong Kong Infrastructure team accepts the CIC Innovation Award for Aurecon’s innovative digital rock mapping technology.


2019年12月18日 – 經過多輪嚴謹的評審及面試,澳昱冠以創新電子地質測繪技術贏得建造業議會創新獎國際獎項第二名。獎項於12月18 日舉行的頒獎典禮中頒發。


獲得殊榮的電子地質測繪技術由澳昱冠基礎設施團隊經理Camilla Gibbons及團隊開發,用以有效地修復受損的懸崖和斜坡,解決新西蘭大地震災後工程中所面對的挑戰。


Gibbons表示,能夠安全地獲取準確的岩壁數據是促使其創新的原因。她解釋 :「為了可以安全地進行工程,我們需要準確的工地三維模型。如果沒有航拍機,我們根本不可能獲得所需的數據。


航拍機不僅可以非常迅速地收集大量數據,所收集的數據更可用以建立高度精確的三維模型。 嶄新的電子地質測繪技術可直接從電子模型中提取數據,以便進行穩定性分析。


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