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Ben McGarry appointed to navigate global energy system and market transition


Ben McGarry will lead a team of technical experts working to to harness the opportunities and navigate the risks of the energy transition in a changing market.

13 December 2019 – Energy systems and markets are the most complex machines in the world. Solving the energy trilemma of affordable, sustainable and reliable energy resulting from unprecedented levels of disruption is a compelling, decades-long challenge.

It is a welcome challenge for Aurecon’s newly appointed Global Service Leader for Future Energy, Ben McGarry, who leads a group of experts at the international engineering, design and advisory company, developing strategies, policies and projects to harness the opportunities and navigate the risks of the energy transition.

The Future Energy team helps clients by identifying and articulating clear strategies to deal with the risks and opportunities, using deep technical expertise to provide an understanding of energy technologies and network fundamentals, support investment decisions and commercial negotiations, and inform engagement in market reform.

“Diversity of thinking is critical to solving complex challenges and often the most challenging work we undertake is around changing business models at the intersection of different infrastructure layers,” Ben said. “If you’re thinking through challenges about infrastructure, sustainability, water, mobility, urbanisation or manufacturing for example, you need to be thinking through the energy implications upfront, or you are way off the mark.”

The different energy market and policy forces operating on industry participants, and the variety of technologies and business models being deployed to deal with the transition and disruption are only getting more complex.

“By bringing diverse skillsets and perspectives to clients, we are helping them to remain competitive in the ever-changing market where decentralisation, a lower carbon future, electrification and a focus on energy consumption are driving the transition,” Ben said.

Aurecon’s Managing Director, Energy, Resources and Manufacturing Paul Gleeson welcomes Ben into the Global Service Leader role that will draw on Ben’s deep understanding of energy strategy as well as his experience assisting government, mining, energy and infrastructure clients to be future energy ready.

“Continuing to work closely with government and industry to bring hydrogen to life as a viable part of the energy mix and as an enabler of the transition to a low-carbon future for Australia and its neighbours is a key focus for Ben in preparing clients to be future energy ready,” Paul said.

About Ben McGarry

Ben was recognised as one of Engineers Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers in 2019 for his role in projects contributing to the future of sustainable energy in Australia including enhancing South Australia’s grid resilience as part of Aurecon’s ongoing implementation of the South Australian energy plan.

Prior to joining Aurecon, Ben was a Director in KPMG’s United States Infrastructure Advisory team providing commercial, financial and strategic advice on energy strategy to public and private infrastructure clients.

A mechanical engineer by training, Ben’s PhD research in computer science explored using virtual and augmented reality to support design thinking and innovation in engineering. He served as principal engineer for an engineering research and development consultancy, developing new technologies in the biomedical, renewable energy, automotive, mining, and consumer goods markets, including several patented products. This experience drew him to renewable energy, and he served in project development and engineering roles in power generation, where he first encountered Aurecon from a client’s perspective.

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