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Young engineers take top three spots in the Australasian Tunnelling Society technical writing competition

Young engineers take top three spots in the Australasian Tunnelling Society technical writing competition

Matthew Bennett

27 October 2018 – Three of Aurecon’s young transport engineers have taken top honours in the Australasian Tunnelling Society technical writing competition.

The winner was Melbourne-based Transport Planner Matt Bennett with his paper Vulnerable Road User In in Spoil Removal Route Planning.

Following only single points behind each other were Aaron Lippett for his paper titled Constructing the Arncliffe Ventilation Connection – A Case Study from the WestConnex New M5 Project, then Brisbane-based Brodie Aitchison for Design and Construction of a Shallow Cover Tunnel Junction Using Sprayed Concrete.

Matt Bennett said he was thrilled to receive the 2018 David Sugden Award for technical writing.

“At Aurecon we’re always striving to make a difference to the world we live in.

“This paper challenged the traditional approach of how exit road routes are selected for trucks removing excess soil from complex underground tunnelling sites. It proposed new ideas for choosing exit roads that improve the interactions of site trucks with cars and other road users.

“My hope with this paper is that it can inform and help transport engineers to work towards much safer interactions on our roads,” said Matt.

The annual David Sugden Award is aimed at encouraging young engineers to develop the art of technical writing.

Technical writing is a fundamental part to the role of an engineer said Aurecon Design Director Harry Asche.

“Engineers must be capable of analysing complex concepts and presenting information to different audiences in a format that is easy to read and understand.”

“In Matt, Aaron and Brodie we have a group of young engineers doing just that. But they are also presenting ideas on how to improve tunnel engineering approaches and theories.”

“I’m incredibly excited about the young talent that we have at Aurecon, and their continued desire to innovate and create in their respective industries,” said Harry.

Click to download the winning technical paper from Matt Bennett.


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