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Aurecon appoints leader to help engineers solve world’s greatest challenges

Aurecon appoints Tim Spies as Global Service Line Leader, Building Mechanical

Aurecon appoints Tim Spies as Global Service Line Leader, Building Mechanical

03 July 2018 - Throughout history, engineers have been at the forefront of finding solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, and today they are crucial in connecting the dots between design, technology and human-centric outcomes.

Global engineering and infrastructure advisory company, Aurecon, recognises the important role engineers play in society and is focused on developing and deploying the company’s collective capabilities to some of the world’s most significant projects.

To strengthen these capabilities, Aurecon has appointed Tim Spies as Global Service Leader, Building Mechanical, to connect the company’s global community of mechanical engineers and consultants to bring the best minds together to work on the world’s greatest challenges.

Having been involved in many high-profile projects including the Barangaroo development in Sydney, Spies will bring both business and technical leadership expertise to Aurecon with his role also encompassing Client Director - Commercial Property.

“From Leonardo da Vinci, to Brunel, Gustave Eiffel and Henry Ford, to name a few, smart- thinking engineers have left a significant legacy on the world,” Spies said.

“Today, engineers, such as Elon Musk, are using technology to change the way we live and work, as the enablers of the digital age, to create a better world for all. There has never been a more exciting time to be an engineer.

Smart-thinking engineers offer different perspectives

“Engineers are able to look at a problem from many different perspectives to consider the needs and wants of the client, designers, end-users, environment, economy and society as a whole.

“Bringing innovation and using our digital experience to help deliver the buildings and places of the future is critical to the success of our built environments.”

Managing Director of Built Environment at Aurecon, John McGuire said, “we are excited to welcome Tim to the role and look forward to him working with us to further develop our leading and differentiated capabilities in our Building Mechanical portfolio of services.”

Based in Sydney, Spies will lead a global team of engineers and consultants across mechanical design, hydraulics, building sustainability, environmental modelling, wind modelling, acoustics, vibration and fire safety.

Spies has twenty years' experience in leading mechanical design, multi-disciplinary teams and office management across several markets during his tenure with Norman Disney & Young in their Sydney and Melbourne practices in Australia, and London and Manchester practices in the United Kingdom.

Spies is on the NSW Committee of Consult Australia and serves on the Technical Advisory Board of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).


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