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Aurecon wins prestigious Australian graduate recruitment award

Aurecon wins Award for Most Popular Integrated Marketing Campaign at the Australian Graduate Recruitment Industry Awards

The recruitment and marketing and communications team celebrate receiving the AGRIAs ‘Award for Most Popular Integrated Marketing Campaign (Private Sector)’

31 October 2017 - Against tough competition from some of Australia’s most well-known brands, Aurecon has won the ‘Award for Most Popular Integrated Marketing Campaign (Private Sector)’ at the Australian Association of Graduate Employers’ (AAGE) Australian Graduate Recruitment Industry Awards (AGRIAs) held on Thursday, 26 October in Sydney.

The AGRIAs recognise outstanding examples of excellence in the Australian graduate recruitment and development industry.

Determined through a voting process by all registered member organisations of the AAGE, the award is presented to the organisation that has displayed excellence throughout its whole marketing campaign across a range of media.

Aurecon’s 2017-18 graduate recruitment campaign promoted the Aurecon Attributes and the company’s reputation as a diverse and global employer. The campaign utilised digital and print media, as well as events and popular millennial social media platforms such as Snapchat to engage graduates.

A ‘What is your strongest Aurecon Attribute?’ interactive quiz offers graduates a glimpse into their strengths with more than 9 700 respondents completing it globally to date.

“We interviewed internal and external clients of Aurecon to better understand the types of skills and capabilities that were valued in helping organisations respond to the rapidly changing world,” says Liam Hayes, Aurecon Chief People Officer.

“The Aurecon Attributes are how we stand out from the crowd. They inform what we are looking for in the people we recruit, and how we develop and promote them. The quiz and the wider graduate marketing campaign have been instrumental in educating our future leaders about our future-ready strategy,” says Liam.

Furthermore, the campaign tactics were designed to communicate Aurecon’s capability in digital, innovation and eminence.

“At Aurecon, we are unconventional in our approach to campaigns to create memorable and meaningful communications that cut-through in a cluttered market. We had so much fun creating the graduate recruitment marketing campaign,” says Danielle Bond, Aurecon Global Head of Marketing and Communications.

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