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Leading architects vote Aurecon among top five best partners globally

Mapletree Business Centre, China

Mapletree Business Centre, China

02 February 2017 - As the boundaries of design are continually changed and extended, the role of the engineer has expanded to include that of design thinker and skilled collaborator on projects that challenge the boundaries of what has been accomplished before.

Anticipating and adapting to this trend, Aurecon was highly ranked for the third year running in the 2017 annual World Architecture 100 (WA100) survey of the world’s leading architectural practices, and again voted one of the global top five ‘Best Partners’ in both the ‘Service engineers’ and ‘Structural engineers’ categories.

The comprehensive WA100 survey conducted by the prestigious UK-based Building Design magazine asks architects to name their ‘favourite professional associates’ based on a diverse range of key performance indicators, including an outstanding commitment to clients, contribution to creativity and project outcomes, collaboration and chemistry. Ingenuity and technical expertise which enhance a concept from a design perspective ranks particularly highly.

“Design encompasses a meaning beyond the making of a physical thing; it is a way of doing and a way of thinking. Aurecon’s distinctiveness has come from weaving all aspects of design into our organisational DNA as a means of crafting new value. We have made Design-Led Engineering our signature discipline and imbued its principles across our global footprint,” says John McGuire, Aurecon’s Chief Innovation Officer.

Aurecon Managing Director – Built Environment, James Bennett adds: “It is hugely rewarding that our commitment to clever, inspirational design is truly valued by the global architecture community.”

A superlative recent example of ingenious design was the collaboration between Aurecon and Cox Architecture which spawned the award winning design concept for the Flood Resilient Ferry Terminals for Brisbane. The ambitious design tested the boundaries of convention to introduce world-first technical innovation to maritime engineering.

Other examples of high profile creative Aurecon projects include Melbourne’s 567 Collins Street defining the move from singular functional urban space design to ecosystems; Dubai’s Jumeirah Al Naseem: Thailand’s MahaNakhon Tower; and Shanghai’s Mapletree Project.

“Architects and engineers share the goal of creating buildings that inspire and innovate for all people, places and spaces. Our engineers thrive on the creativity and zeal that is at the heart of the successful, collaborative design relationships we share with our architect partners. It is an honour that our results in the WA100 survey are reflective of this passion.”

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