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Renowned infrastructure leader appointed at Aurecon

Infrastructure leader Ben Stapleton

Ben Stapleton, Aurecon Managing Director, Infrastructure

10 August 2017 - Global engineering and infrastructure advisory firm Aurecon has appointed infrastructure leader Ben Stapleton as Managing Director, Infrastructure.

Ben has significant experience as a leader and advisor in the infrastructure industry across many geographies and roles. His expertise on major, multi-faceted infrastructure projects will help Aurecon position itself to assist clients navigate mounting complexities, including changing funding mechanisms and delivery models. 

The appointment reflects Aurecon’s commitment to providing user-focused, innovative solutions to Government and private sector clients as they tackle current and future infrastructure challenges such as unprecedented urbanisation, changing community expectations and the significant impact of emerging technologies.

As needs for nation-building infrastructure increase, governments and private asset owners and operators are also facing challenges around changing funding and delivery methods.  

Ben’s experience in leading high performing multidisciplinary teams as they address these infrastructure planning, design, operational and maintenance challenges, as well as his deep understanding of social, technical and financial influences, will assist Aurecon’s global team in helping clients resolve the diverse challenges they face.

“Some of the things that attracted me to this role at Aurecon are the company’s energetic approach to leveraging disruptive technology and best practice innovation to help clients make better decisions about all lifecycle stages of their infrastructure assets,” says Ben. 

“Aurecon is ideally positioned to help clients take a holistic approach to their issues, making better use of design and technology for long term infrastructure planning, development and maintenance.”

Aurecon’s Global CEO Giam Swiegers says that experts like Ben bring strong leadership and advisory capabilities to major growth markets for Aurecon.

“Appointing the right people is one of the many steps that Aurecon takes to ensure that our global teams are able to lead amidst ongoing disruption in our industry.

“Ben will play an important role in contributing subject matter expertise to clients working in a complex global environment, who need asset optimisation, support with digitisation and smart infrastructure solutions.”

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