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Sukumar Pathmanandavel, Global Service Leader for Ground & Underground Engineering

Sukumar Pathmanandavel, Global Service Leader for Ground & Underground Engineering

01 September 2016 - Today Geoff Linke, Infrastructure Managing Director of engineering and infrastructure advisory firm Aurecon, announced the appointment of Sukumar Pathmanandavel as its Global Service Leader for Ground & Underground Engineering.

Sukumar will lead an integrated team of geotechnical, tunnel and pavement specialists to drive knowledge sharing, shape future capabilities, and guide the use of new technologies.

Working closely with Global Director for Excellence and Expertise, Dr Kourosh Kayvani, Sukumar will support Aurecon’s eminence strategy by mobilising our talent pool to apply their skills, deep insight and professional passion to solving complex problems for our clients.

“We know we can only be successful if and when our clients are, so we want to focus our leading expertise, specialised skills and pursuit for excellence in creating true success for our clients,” said Dr Kourosh Kayvani.

“The world is becoming increasingly complex, ambiguous and volatile, creative and innovative design needs to underpin engineering.”

Geoff Linke added that Aurecon is responding to the huge changes the market is facing by working with our clients to support the digitisation of infrastructure.

“Sukumar’s knowledge and experience, gained by working on some of the most technically challenging projects around the world, will prove highly valuable as we continue to bring our clients’ ideas to life.”

“The industry is going through a significant shift in direction. Traditionally, the ground engineering field has concentrated on refining established methods, rather than imagining what is possible,” said Sukumar Pathmanandavel.

“I see Aurecon as a company that is challenging traditional thinking and leveraging digital to solve problems. I’m excited to be part of the disruption.”

“At Aurecon, we’re not constrained by what we’ve done before and we’re always looking for new ways we can shape the industry.”

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