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Vale Dr. John Connell – visionary and founder of Aurecon heritage business

John Connell on ANZAC Day

John Connell on Anzac Day

26 May 2016 - It is with much sadness that Aurecon Global CEO, Giam Swiegers announces the passing of Dr. John Connell, a founder of one of Aurecon’s heritage businesses John Connell & Associates. 

John Connell, one of the most influential engineers of his generation, passed away peacefully aged 102.

“John’s involvement in helping to shape the cities and infrastructure of Australia in the post second world war period has left a legacy that endures today. His vision for innovative engineering and passion for realising ideas remains at the heart of operations at Aurecon today,” said Swiegers. 

At the celebration when John reached his 100 year milestone, President of Engineers Australia’s Victoria Division, John McIntosh, gave a speech during which he stated: 

“The man we honour today is a leader who held an extraordinary vision into the future and the very rare capacity to bring that future to pass.” 

In his speech, Mr McIntosh went on to thank John for his many years of service to Engineers Australia and to the engineering profession. In addressing John directly he said, “Your leadership is unrivalled and your legacy, a challenge for those of us who would walk in your footsteps.”

“The man himself, always had a personal desire and drive to improve his view of business and those around him,” said William Cox, Managing Director ANZ at Aurecon.

“John demonstrated what can be achieved, and contributed to a business and the community through self-improvement, and for many of those who worked with him, this remains a guiding principle,” adds Cox. 

On heritage projects such as the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop and the Victorian Arts Centre, John Connell pioneered the delivery of multidisciplinary services and partnering with international consultancies in joint venture. In doing this, John took a world view at a time when many consulting practices were focussing on local issues and locally based solutions.

“As we enter a new era of engineering and consultancy services, John’s passing presents us with an opportunity to reflect on the impact made to our industry by visionary thinkers and humanitarians such as John Connell,” said Swiegers. 

John Connell was an exemplar for others and a person who believed in the merits of combining technical skill, leadership, sharing knowledge with others, optimism and affability to promote a focus on success and the future.

Details of the service in John Connell’s honour will be announced after 9th June.

He will be sadly missed and remembered by all he touched. Vale

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