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Aurecon and Deloitte launch Sydney fast train discussion paper

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04 March 2016 - Aurecon, in partnership with Deloitte, will launch a Discussion Paper today that explores the technical challenges and opportunities of a potential fast train connecting Parramatta and Sydney CBDs with the new Western Sydney Airport.

At the forum: 15 minutes – Fast Tracking the Dual CBDs, hosted by Parramatta City Council and the Sydney Business Chamber Western Sydney, Aurecon Technical Director, Kate Wickett will present the paper publicly for the first time alongside Deloitte Partner, Theo Psychogios, to commence dialogue on the fast train concept. 

The paper presents viable options for new rail corridors and investigates the technical and economic opportunities and challenges of a fast train service that will ultimately link Sydney’s existing epicentre to emerging and developing hubs, and decrease current travel times between the three destinations.

“This paper is to stimulate and instigate further discussion around the potential economic and transport benefits for the people of Sydney. The project is designed to explore the connection between three hubs – Sydney CBD, Parramatta CBD and the Western Sydney Airport,” said Kate Wickett, Aurecon Technical Director.

There are four routes that have been considered by Aurecon and Deloitte for the Sydney CBD to Parramatta leg of the journey, while the link from Parramatta to the Western Sydney Airport is suggested to go through either Southern Liverpool LGA or Northern Blacktown LGA.

“As an advocate of mass transit a fast train system which provides safe, reliable, fast and frequent train services, with the customer experience at its core, makes eminent sense in a modern city like Sydney,” said Troy Burton, Aurecon Technical Director and Mass Transit expert.

Along with the 300 guests, two Federal Government Ministers will be in attendance over the one day conference that will see conversation ignited around safe and efficient fast trains, the economic opportunities, value capture potential and all things technical.

A strong contingent of Aurecon experts that includes, Dr David Adams, Dr Harry Asche and Troy Burton will also be speaking at the forum between two sessions on funding and value capture, and technical expertise.

• To read the Discussion Paper, click here >

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