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Aurecon uses bridge technology to build Barangaroo Cutaway's roof

Baragaroo, Sydney

Barangaroo Cutaway

16 February 2016 - In what was once a thriving port facility, Aurecon has assisted Lendlease in transforming Barangaroo into a six-hectare multiuse destination that pays homage to its indigenous roots.

Located just a stone’s throw away from Sydney’s CBD, Barangaroo Reserve and The Cutaway serves as an iconic project that collides building, bridge and landscape design. 

The redevelopment, managed by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority for the NSW Government, would see the derelict space transformed into a multi-use destination featuring a public reserve complete with a 75 000 cubic meter sub-terrain space (The Cutaway), and a natural looking foreshore.

Barangaroo Reserve and The Cutaway is now open to the public and features over 75 000 native plants, bushwalks, pedestrian and cycle paths, grassed areas, two new harbour coves and a re-creation of the original shoreline pre-1836 using sandstone excavated from site. By using 3D modelling tool, Revit, each sandstone block was tagged and virtually positioned. The blocks were then placed in their tagged position along the 1.4 km foreshore.

As lead design consultant for civil and marine works on the project, Aurecon played a pivotal role from the tender stage, right through to completion.

Utilising teams form across Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Bangkok and Hong Kong, Aurecon provided structural engineering, civil engineering, 3D modelling, project management, materials engineering, temporary works and geotechnical services over the course of the project.

During the tender phase, an alternate design for The Cutaway, which was later accepted by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority, was submitted via a collaboration of the Aurecon Buildings and Transport teams.

The alternative design comprised a 75 cubic meter rectangular building with a 120 meter long by 30 meter wide column-free space.

Over 85% of the roof area was constructed using precast concrete elements. The new design also comprised a 19 meter high reinforced concrete retaining wall and involved the relocation of water storage tanks from the foreshore to the building’s basement.

Using bridge technology, the design was able to achieve clear spans of 30 metres over a length of 120 m within The Cutaway. This allowed the client to significantly reduce safety risks during the roof’s construction and ultimately provide a more versatile and open space.

“What a spectacular project. I am filled with pride with what we have achieved here. The team that delivered this project will be able to look at it as one of the greatest gifts to the people of Sydney – a gift that will be there for a very long time”, said Giam Swiegers, Global Chief Executive Officer.

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