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Aurecon becomes an Organisational Stakeholder of the GRI

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10 February 2015 - Aurecon recently announced that it has become an Organisational Stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the first major, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy to do so.

The GRI promotes the use of sustainability reporting as a way for companies to measure their sustainability efforts and contribute to sustainable development. Through becoming an Organisational Stakeholder, Aurecon will contribute to the knowledge, resources, skills and tools that companies need in order to enhance the way in which companies report on their sustainability initiatives.

Head of Quality, Environment & Sustainability at Aurecon, Sonja de Klerk, says that Aurecon’s involvement with the GRI will connect the company to over 600 leading organisations from 60 countries that are committed to advancing sustainability reporting.

“We are joining a range of organisations from civil society, academia, public agencies and intergovernmental agencies. As the first major, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy to join this innovative network, Aurecon believes that our contributions will help shape a more sustainable future,” says de Klerk.

Aurecon’s latest sustainability report

Aurecon recently released its FY2014 sustainability report, Enhancing our interconnected world, which was guided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 framework.

“Aurecon acknowledges the impact that embedding sustainability into every aspect of our operation and project delivery has on our clients as well as the communities in which we operate. Sharing this report showcases the concerted effort that Aurecon is making in terms of contributing to a more sustainable and resilient world,” comments De Klerk.

The latest FY 2014 sustainability report measures Aurecon’s performance against GRI indicators and demonstrates the link between the company’s sustainability strategy and its commitment to sustainable global development. During the reporting process, a number Aurecon’s clients were engaged and employees were also given the opportunity to become part of Aurecon’s sustainability journey via internal workshops, communication and surveys. The reporting team also interviewed special-interest groups within Aurecon such as the Social & Ethics Committee of the South African Board, Enterprise Risk, Reconciliation & Diversity, the Aurecon Women. Achieving Women. (AWAW) forum and Limelight, a forum for Aurecon’s emerging professionals.

“Aurecon is making good progress in several key areas, including stakeholder engagement; health and safety; contribution to environmental care; and sustainability practices internally as well as on behalf of our clients, amongst other key sustainability initiatives. This report shows that the groundwork is in place for us to continue incorporating sustainability considerations into our services and project delivery and this will help us to continue reducing the footprints of our operations and help our clients, partners and stakeholders meet their sustainability goals,” says De Klerk.

The full report can be viewed here:


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