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Aurecon Bridge Building Competition open for registrations

Bridge building competition 2015

10 February 2015 - Aurecon’s 2015 Bridge Building Competition is kicking off once again.

Registrations for schools in Australia and New Zealand are open from Monday 9 February. The competition, run annually, has schools competing for the top prize of $1500 awarded to the school and $200 to each of the participating students in the winning team.

Students in grades 8 and 9 in Australia and 9 and 10 in New Zealand have the opportunity to participate in this fun activity that combines creativity, problem solving, design planning and teamwork. Prior to the testing day, schools are given materials (supplied by Aurecon) and set the task of designing and constructing a model bridge.

2014 Bridge Building Competition judge and Aurecon Bridges and Highway Structures Leader, John Hilton, said ‘We are really pleased about the gender balance at the bridge building competition because diversity is important at Aurecon. We hope that these girls who have participated in the event will choose to select STEM subjects as they progress through their secondary education.’

In teams of three, students are tasked with designing and building their own bridges making use of balsa wood, glue, cardboard, and the guidelines provided by Aurecon. On testing day in August the bridges are load tested using a specialty rig to find out which school’s bridge can withstand the heaviest load before breaking point.

To access more information and source the BBC media kit, which includes a poster and sign-up sheet, please visit the Bridge Building Competition website. You can also keep an eye on our BBC Facebook page and Aurecon’s Instagram site for updates about the competition as it rolls out across Australia and New Zealand.

Participation is free and prizes are awarded to schools and students in each location: first prize ($1500 for the school and $200 per student in the team) second prize ($1000 for the school and $100 per student in the team), third prize ($500 and $50 per student in the team), and innovation prize ($500 for the school and $50 per student in the team).

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