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Aurecon bridge building competitions encourages student engineering talent

Kaniva College, Victoria, Australia, crowned international overall winner of the 2015 Aurecon Bridge Building Competition

2015 overall competition victor: Kaniva College

27 August 2015 - Australia’s Kaniva College has, for the second year running, taken overall top honours in global engineering firm Aurecon’s annual international Bridge Building Competition.

Students Sam, Lewis and Josh from the rural school, located in north-west Victoria, constructed a bridge that withstood an unrivalled 147.5kg on competition day at Melbourne's Scienceworks Museum.

“It’s satisfying to see all of the hard work your team puts in pay off when you see your bridge hold such a large weight and go straight to the top of the leader board,”  agreed the team.

“Our school is really proud of what we’ve achieved over the Aurecon’s Bridge Building Competition history so we all feel lucky to be involved and to have achieved a winning result for our school.”

The competition has made a big impact on the students. Lewis says that he is definitely considering Engineering as a tertiary pathway, with Josh very eager to follow in the footsteps of his father who has a background in the industry.

Auckland’s Pukekohe Christian School was crowned New Zealand’s bridge building champion. Students Hamish, Jack and Jason constructed the winning bridge that withstood an outstanding load of 78.1kg on competition day. The trio were motivated to get involved in the competition through a shared curiosity for Engineering and the opportunity to explore the industry as a possible career path.

“Competition day was a lot of fun. It was really interesting to see how all the different structures behaved and how much effort it took to break them,” commented the team.

“There’s a lot of thinking and experimentation that goes into bridge building so it’s very exciting to see that all of our hard work paid off and was rewarded with a win.”

The national title winning bridges were but two of hundreds of bridges designed and constructed by high school students across Australia and New Zealand. Judges were wowed by the extremely high level of ingenuity and creativity brought to the competition’s 11 locations.  

Resourcefulness was also recognised this year with the Melbourne judges awarding an honourable mention to the Melbourne High School team that cleverly constructed a ‘plane’ bridge out of the left over materials of their original competition bridge that met an untimely end the night before the competition!

“Aurecon’s Bridge Building Competition has been running for 10 years now but it never ceases to amaze me just bright and dexterous the competitors are,” comments Bill Cox, Aurecon’s Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand.

“It’s an honour and a real pleasure to observe how clever, young minds engage with science, technology, engineering and mathematics in such a challenging and stimulating learning environment.”

The 2015 Aurecon Bridge Building Competition international overall winners are as follows:

  • First Prize
    Kaniva College, Victoria, Australia

  • Second Prize
    Baldivis Secondary College, Perth, Australia
    Team ‘Boomer Bridge’, 98.15kg

  • Third Prize
    John Paul College, Brisbane, Australia
    Team JPC # 2, 93.3kg

Congratulations to the students, teachers, supporters, judges and Aurecon staff who made the 2015 competition one of the best in Aurecon bridge building history!

The full list of 2015 Aurecon Bridge Building Competition winners:


- First Prize: Heritage College, Team ‘Two’, 50.74kg
- Second Prize: Nazareth Catholic Secondary College, Team ‘NAZ One’, 36.44kg
- Third Prize: St Ignatius College Team Two 29.64kg
- Innovation Prize: Mitcham Girls’ High, Team ‘Mitch Mania’


- First Prize: John Paul College – Team JPC # 2, 93.3kg
- Second Prize: John Paul College, Team ‘JPC#3’, 68.4kg
- Third Prize: John Paul College – Team ‘JPC #1’ 64.4kg
- Innovation Prize: Brisbane State High School, Team ‘BSS Red’


- First Prize: Emerald Christian College, Team ‘Gamma’, 81.5kg
- Second Prize: Emerald Christian College, Team ‘Beta’, 76.3kg
- Third Prize: Emerald Christian College, Team ‘Alpha’, 72.9kg
- Aesthetic Prize: Moura State High School, Team ‘Moura’


- First Prize: St Catherine’s Catholic College (Prosperine), Team ‘Golden Torpedos’, 27.1kg
- Second Prize: St Catherine’s Catholic College (Prosperine), Team ‘The Saints’, 22.9kg
- Third Prize: Calen District State College, Team ‘MKR Bridge Building’, 16.8kg
- Innovation Prize: St Catherine’s Catholic College (Prosperine), Team ‘Arch Designs’


- First Prize: Kaniva College, 147.5kg
- Second Prize: Yeshivah College, 82.3kg
- Third Prize: John Paul College 46.3kg
- Innovation Prize: Northcote High School


- First Prize: Baldivis Secondary College, Team ‘Boomer Bridge’, 98.15kg
- Second Prize: Carmel Adventist College, Team ‘One’, 47.75kg
- Third Prize: Baldivis Secondary College, Team ‘Bridge Busters’, 47.25kg
- Innovation Prize: Greenwood College


- First Prize: All Saints Catholic Boys, 86.1kg
- Second Prize: Camden Haven High School, 35.4kg
- Third Prize: Redlands School, 32.7kg
- Innovation Prize: Burwood Girls High School


- First Prize: Pukekohe Christian School, 78.1kg
- Second Prize: Selwyn College, Team ‘Selwyn Construction 1’, 59.4kg
- Third Prize: Diocesan School for Girls, Team ‘Stirling the Brave’, 40.6kg
- Innovation Prize: Ngaruawahia High School, Team ‘Boyzz’


- First Prize: Hagley College, Team ‘7.0’, 74.2kg
- Second Prize: Hagley College, Team ‘Ice Shard’, 45.2kg
- Third Prize: Hagley College, Team ‘Turquoise Turtles’, 41.7kg
- Innovation Prize: Papanui High, Team Boleh


- First Prize: Newlands College, Team ‘The Brady Bunch’, 41.7kg
- Second Prize: Scots College, Team ‘Brain’, 30.9kg
- Third Prize: Rathkeale College, 31.6kg
- Innovation Prize: Newlands College, Team ‘Get over it’


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