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Aurecon is participating in World Green Building Week 2014

World Green Building Week 2014

World Green Building Week

17 September 2014 - The 6th annual World Green Building Week kicks off on Monday, 22 September. The global awareness week aims to create a more interactive and connective public conversation around the role buildings plan in creating a sustainable future.

As a global leader in sustainability, Aurecon is committed to the principles of sustainable development - meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Within the property space, Aurecon is an active member of a number of Green Building Councils, including the Green Building Council Australia, New Zealand Green Building Council, Green Building Council South Africa and US Green Building Council. Furthermore, Aurecon’s commitment to sustainability can be seen in a number of green building certifications it has contributed to and awards that the company has received over the past few years. Its South African ESD team recently won a Green Star Leadership Award for the Best Quality Submission for Artrium on 5th, a major refurbishment project in the heart of Johannesburg’s economic CBD. Other noteworthy contributions to green buildings have included being part of the project team who enabled a 5 Star Green Star Office Design Award for Wellington’s largest office building, namely the new 48,000 m2 Asteron Centre, as well as the project team who enabled a 6 Star Green Star Office Interiors rating for the complete revamp of a derelict brewery in Melbourne, Australia.

Aurecon is using an online collaboration and brainstorming tool, Stormboard, to pose the following question: “What Defines a Sustainable City?” and would like to invite you to contribute by adding your answer to the question. In order to access our Stormboard collaboration, visit Thus far, stakeholders have given insightful input on what the definition of a sustainable city could be. One Aurecon employee said that a sustainable city is a city that becomes the catalyst for environmental restoration and stewardship, while another one said that a sustainable city is not only largely self-sufficient, but also resilient.

Meeting stringent award and green building certification criteria isn’t only about receiving awards or stars – it’s about balancing economic growth with social development and the protection of the environment. In demonstrating our commitment to these ideals, Aurecon continues to tap into our global pool of employees and valued clients to come up with new ways to contribute to sustainability initiatives such as World Green Building Week.

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