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Water feasibility studies and master planning in Timor Leste

Oetulu Intake

13 March 2014 - Aurecon has been appointed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to conduct master planning and feasibility studies on water supply systems and infrastructure and prepare the second District Capitals Water Supply and Sanitation Master Plan. 

The Plan’s objective is to produce a demand-responsive investment plan to meet the water supply and sanitation needs of Timor Leste’s urban population in Baucau, Los Palos, Same and Viqueque over the period 2013-2030 in line with national development targets.   

Aurecon, as the consulting firm contracted to implement the project, will enable the government to decide on priority investments areas.

Project leader Grace Arguelles said, “Aurecon successfully completed the first District Capitals Water Supply Project and we are delighted to be able to continue with the second phase as well. Our unique blend of technical knowledge and first-hand experience of working in developing countries will ensure that Timor Leste will have water and sanitation systems that are affordable and sustainable for a long time.”

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