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Aurecon Dubai Strategic Transportation Master Plan


14 February 2014 - Aurecon recently started work on a transport master planning project, including transportation demand modelling enhancement and the update of the Transportation Strategic and Implementation Plans, for the Emirate of Dubai.

The study started in October 2013 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2015.

A key deliverable will be two year implementation plans up to the year 2020 to feed into the programming and budgeting process of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

Frik Rheeder, Project Leader, said, “Once implemented, the plans will assist in keeping Dubai at the forefront of providing sustainable transportation solutions for the future.”

The SPD025: Upgrade of Transportation Strategic and Implementation Plans for the Emirate of Dubai has the following objectives:

  1. Enhance the understanding of travel behaviour in Dubai and between Dubai and the surrounding Emirates, which is important for modelling, transportation policies, studies, etc.;
  2. Update and improve Dubai Strategic Transport Model (DSTM) for use in evaluating future transportation projects, policies and studies;
  3.  Improve processes for management and updating of DSTM;
  4. Update transportation strategic plans (up to the year 2030);
  5. Recommend travel demand management strategies;
  6. Produce forecast year models (at least for the years 2020, 2030 and "Ultimate Year") where the "Ultimate Year" refers to the full development of all announced/ known projects regardless of their timeframe; and
  7. Identify additional mobility right-of-way that might need to be reserved for “Ultimate Year”.

This study will further enhance the work done by a preceding project, the R-1000 Study, as well as main urban developments’ transportation master plans and traffic impact studies with potentially significant model enhancements, including revision of certain model parameters, the addition of certain sub-models, a set of new policy guidelines, and verification of the required transportation infrastructure projects and their associated corridors.

It will make provision for multi-modal transportation system including private transport and public transport (metro, tram, bus, school bus and water transport) and taxis.

The various study outcomes will lay the foundation for RTA delivery planning, scheduling of major projects, and estimating appropriate budgets for future implementation.


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