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It’s a wrap: Aurecon Bridge Building Competition winds up for 2014

Aurecon bridge building competition 2014 wrap up

05 September 2014 - One month, 11 locations, 500 bridges and 1 500 students – the 2014 Aurecon Bridge Building Competition was bigger and better than ever.

During August students from schools located across Australia and New Zealand put their model bridge designs to the test at an international schools bridge building competition run by Aurecon.

In teams of three, students designed bridges using balsa wood, string, glue and cardboard which were load tested to determine the strongest bridge.

Aurecon staff and representatives from event sponsors helped the students test their bridges using specially built rigs.

Bridge experts from Aurecon and other organisations in the industry assessed each bridge for workmanship, creativity and visual appeal which determined the overall score.

Prizes were awarded to the schools and students who build the strongest bridges at each location.

James Langley, a teacher at Camden Haven High School which won the New South Wales competition, said: "This competition is high octane learning, from design and craftsmanship to presentation.”

Bill Cox, Aurecon’s General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, said: “The aim of the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition is to provide insight into engineering as a career choice for students, and to provide a fun and challenging environment for students to put their skills in teamwork, creative thinking and innovation to use.”


  • Auckland: Selwyn College, 62.7kg
  • Christchurch: Hagley Community College, 72.1 kg
  • New South Wales: Camden Haven High School, 58 kg
  • North Queensland: St Catherine’s Catholic College, 32.6kg
  • Northern Territory: Sattler Christian College, 19.2 kg
  • South Australia: Nazareth Catholic College, 63.5 kg
  • South East Queensland: All Saints Anglican School, 58.2 kg
  • Victoria: Kaniva College, 169.1 kg
  • Wellington: Newlands College, 37.2 kg and Solway College, 36.4 kg
  • Central Queensland: Trinity College, 58.1kg
  • Western Australia: Baldivis Secondary College, 60.5 kg

Sponsors and supporters

  • Engineers Australia
  • VicRoads
  • Civil, Mining & Construction
  • NZ Transport Agency
  • Fletcher Construction
  • South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
  • Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal
  • Central Queensland University
  • Plantation Palms Properties Pty Ltd
  • Rock 'N' Road Bitumen
  • I Reddacliff & Co, Belmore Estate
  • DGH Engineering, Monash University
  • Northern Territory Government
  • SA Structural
  • Scienceworks
  • Scitech
  • St Lawrence’s College
  • Dripstone Secondary College


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